Optiant Launches New Inventory Optimization Services

July 23, 2009
BOSTON—Optiant has launched Advisor Services, describing it as a class of issue-specific professional services for supply chain optimization.

Optiant Advisor Services are pre-defined, fixed-price consulting engagements executed by the company’s professional services team. They combine the company’s PowerChain inventory optimization technology with consulting services to deliver cost savings and inventory reductions.

Specific services include inventory profiling, target-setting optimization, product/customer segmentation, postponement strategies, SKU rationalization, sourcing strategy assessment, distribution network optimization and network consolidation.

“This new suite of professional services offerings is designed to help supply chain teams quickly get a handle on some of their key performance priorities,” says Fred Lizza, CEO of Optiant. “Many organizations can realize rapid savings from getting just one or two key initiatives up and running quickly. Advisor Services engagements have well defined inputs that take just a couple of weeks to conduct using senior Optiant consultants and our industry-leading PowerChain optimization technology.”