New Bangkok Airport Selects RFID System

June 1, 2007
Thailands Suvarnabhumi Airport, the newest and largest airport in Southeast Asia, has selected Intermec (Everett, Wash.,, to supply

Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, the newest and largest airport in Southeast Asia, has selected Intermec (Everett, Wash.,, to supply an RFID and barcode system for the airport’s Cargo Free Zone.

Suvarnabhumi Airport, the central air traffic hub for Southeast Asia, features an NBIA Cargo Free Zone IT project, which has some of the most up-to-date technology and services in the region, including its RFID Customs Free Zone management system. RFID will be a core part of the IT system for the Cargo Free Zone and will be used to track incoming and outgoing goods in the cargo warehouse and terminal.

“Intermec is proud to be a part of the Cargo Free Zone system of new Bangkok International Airport,” said Piyarat Srivaranon, Thailand country manager of Intermec. “The project will be the largest RFID system in Southeast Asia and will provide faster monitoring of cargo locations and tracking of movements in the Zone.”

“AMR Asia Company Limited is proud to be the most important and pioneering implementer of this new technology with the RFID system for Cargo Free Zone of New Bangkok International Airport,” said Visith Somboon, president of AMR Asia Company Limited, systems integrator for the project and an Intermec Honours Partner. “This strategic project will provide more efficient management of the air cargo business.

“The main reason that Airport of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) chose to install Intermec RFID technology in the Cargo Free Zone was to make the flow of goods faster, more accurate and more efficient. It will also streamline customs procedures and speed up transfer tax processes.”

The Cargo Free Zone also uses Intermec bar code printers and readers to monitor cargo, complementing the RFID system. Cargo cars entering terminals have RFID tags attached while their loads have bar code labels, which are read using Intermec’s bar code readers.

The RFID system for the Cargo Free Zone uses a range of Intermec RFID equipment, including 150 Intermec IF5 intelligent fixed RFID readers, 100 Intermec 751 rugged mobile computers, 100 Intermec IP3 portable RFID readers, 600 RF antennae, 46,000 reusable plastic RFID tags, and 4,000 windshield RFID tags. The bar code system includes ten PD4 bar code printers and ten 1551 rugged handheld scanners.