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March 14, 2006
DC Xcellerator picking software from SI Systems (Easton, Pa.) analyzes manual, semi-automatic and automatic picking systems in real time. The software

DC Xcellerator picking software from SI Systems (Easton, Pa.) analyzes manual, semi-automatic and automatic picking systems in real time. The software reports current effectiveness and recommends changes in product placement, machinery and personnel. Software modules include: order and product analyzer, picking system analyzer, item slotting, diagnostics and alerts , system health meter, system balancer, order scheduling, workforce planning and simulation management.

Full Release:

(Easton, PA, March, 2006) SI Systems, a leading supplier of “Smart” material handling solutions, has introduced a sophisticated software tool that maximizes efficiencies in every picking system housed in a distribution center. DC Xcellerator analyzes the full range of picking systems -- manual, semi-automatic, and automatic - in real time. Analysis that used to take weeks or months is now possible in a matter of minutes.

DC Xcellerator details system effectiveness in its current configuration, and recommends adjustments in product placement, machinery and personnel to optimize picking configurations. This innovative software allows facilities to operate at peak efficiencies, which translates into significant cost savings throughout the year.

“We are very excited at the extensive capabilities of this software, and what it offers distribution centers,” states Jack Lehr, Director of Sales and Marketing, SI Systems. “The depth of analysis and recommendations this software provides is unmatched in the field.”

In addition, DC Xcellerator software can be used as a planning tool for procurement of additional picking systems and integration into the center. The suite is designed to grow with customer needs.

DC Xcellerator Modules

The software suite consists of a series of modules that companies can choose from, depending on their business needs.
1. DC Xcellerator Management – Allows the operator to uniquely identify the discreet systems throughout the distribution system.
2. Order and Product Analyzer – Pulls daily customer orders into the database in real time.
3. Picking System Analyzer – Analyzes every product against all defined picking systems in the distribution center.
4. Item Slotting Module – Shows the operator all recommended moves from one picking area to the next.
5. Diagnostics and Alerts Module – If DC Xcellerator detects any problems in real time, it will send an alarm, log the problem, and display alerts for supervisor review.
6. The Picking System Health Meter – Provides the operator with a snapshot of how healthy the system is in terms of picking activity. It performs a comparative analysis of existing operations versus proposed operations to illustrate the benefits of recommended moves.
7. Picking System Balancer Module – Allows the customer to compare the current picking system slotting strategy against an optimal strategy for a specific picking system.
8. Order Scheduling Module – Takes customer order files and analyzes picking requirements against defined picking system parameters.
9. Workforce Planning Module – Predicts how many people are needed in an area for replenishment or picking.
10. Distribution System Wizard Module- Records all picking activities, including any irregularities logged for a tote/order. The information can be displayed on hand-held portable devices, eliminating the need to walk to a central computer.
11. Simulation Management Module – A sophisticated tool that allows the customer to simulate recommended moves and then see it implemented within the simulation model. This permits a customer to visualize the effects of picking operation moves without actually making them.

DC Xcellerator Functions
DC Xcellerator reviews information throughout the day and constantly imports orders and data. It also saves historical data and tracks it to the day level, product level, location and machine level. This software can analyze data for an entire year or over a specific time period.

The pull report aids companies with a record of recommended moves listed in priority order. This details what to pull, where to pull it from, and shows where it’s heading. Once the moves are made, DC Xcellerator automatically updates the databases.

DC Xcellerator can run on one server and be used by a multitude of users at that facility. SI Systems offers comprehensive customer support for the software including 24/7 toll-free access, modem support, links to the knowledge database and on-site visits.

DC Xcellerator is another example of SI Systems dedication to a total systems integration approach in solving distribution center problems.

About SI Systems
SI Systems, a branded division of Paragon Technologies, is a leader in integrating material handling systems solutions for material flow applications. SI Systems’ Production & Assembly and Order Fulfillment branded technologies and material handling solutions address unit assembly handling and order fulfillment applications. One of the top material handling systems suppliers worldwide, SI Systems leading clients have included the United States Postal Service, General Motors, BMG, Ford, Peterbilt, Harley-Davidson, and Walgreens.