Oct. 26, 2005
GEORGETOWN, MA UFP Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer of custom engineered packaging materials, introduces its new PNP (Part # in the Pocket;

GEORGETOWN, MA – UFP Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer of custom engineered packaging materials, introduces its new PNP (Part # in the Pocket; US Patent #08034462) technology for positive component identification. UFP’s Case Inserts and Totes, when used with PNP Technology ensure positive component identification and protection for the industrial, medical, military, automotive, EMS and shipping/packaging industries. Applications include military, medical/surgical instruments and kits, assembly, production, manufacturing, material handling, distribution fulfillment kits, electronic components, production tools, field maintenance tools, sales samples and many other industrial applications.

The Part Numbers in the Pocket are located in the bottom of a tool or component silhouette pocket/cavity and are protected by a clear, plastic laminate. PNP are ideal for reordering components or specialty tools and allow the user to know the exact part number when requesting a replacement.

Available in a wide variety of materials such as fabricated foams, laminated composites and conductive/anti-static
materials, UFP’s case inserts and tote liners with PNP labeling technology enhance inventory control, component accountability, organization, security and aesthetics. Case inserts or tote liners can be water jet cut or CNC routed, which make them easily revised without tooling, providing a cost effective solution for low to medium volume applications. Offered in a variety of colors to enhance product appearance and accessibility, UFP’s case inserts can be designed to meet individual customer specifications and budgets, as well as more stringent applications such as use in a clean room environment.

UFP provides both single and multiple material/process turnkey solutions, from durable functional case inserts and totes for applications ranging from rough duty uses such as field maintenance and emergency response kits, to high aesthetics sales sample kits featuring one or more attractive colors. UFP’s engineering also team delivers turnaround design and prototyping services. For applications demanding organization, asset management and/or increased productivity, two color shadow box foam organizers are designed for the storage and protection of tools and instruments.

About UFP Technologies, Inc.
UFP Technologies, Inc. is a converter and fabricator of foams, plastics and natural fiber materials. The company serves the medical, consumer, automotive, industrial, electronics and military markets from its 10 North American manufacturing facilities. UFP specializes in custom solutions using foam fabrication, foam molding, laminating, plastic thermoforming and molded fiber/pulp.

For more information on UFP Technologies' complete line of products and capabilities, contact Mitch Caplan, UFP Technologies, 172 East Main Street, Georgetown, MA, 01833, by phone (800) 372-3172, url: or email [email protected].