The Cutting Edge

Aug. 1, 2003
50% Open Area Rack Decking The 1 1/2 high, corrugated profile Punch Deck features a 50% open surface area created by a series of large flanged holes.

50% Open Area Rack Decking

The 1 1/2” high, corrugated “B” profile Punch Deck features a 50% open surface area created by a series of large flanged holes. This allows penetration of air, light and sprinkler water outflow, in compliance with the new requirements of the 2002 version of NFPA 13, Installation of Sprinkler Systems. Punch Deck provides a uniform flat storage surface that is free of raised protrusions for easy product placement and retrieval. It is available in two different gauge thicknesses, and the galvanized finish reflects available light. With no obstructive front waterfall, labels and bar codes are clearly visible on the rack beam face. The deck can be used with standard pallet racks as well as cantilever racks. A powder coated finish is also available in a variety of colors. Other suitable applications include storage of hand-loaded boxes, bagged goods, garment and cloth items, archive boxes, carpeting, furniture, slip-sheeted product and full pallet loads. DACS, Inc.;, 866-573-8107.

Online Analytical Processing Tools

Applix, Inc., online processing tools extract, report and analyze data from leading enterprise resource planning (ERP), logistics and inventory control solutions, as well as from a variety of supply chain planning applications such as resource requirement, quality/ISO, procurement, scheduling, throughput and vendor/supplier analysis. Applix business intelligence solutions allow teams of users to ask “what-if” questions, and the information appears within seconds or minutes. Manufacturing companies using selected Applix solutions include a wide variety of chemical, consumer goods, defense, food and beverage, industrial, and medical companies. Applix, Inc., 800-8-APPLIX.

Wireless Enterprise Solution

Stay-Linked is a real-time enterprise solution that extends IBM AS/400-iSeries applications to wireless devices. The solution features wireless 5250 terminal emulation that runs natively on the AS/400-iSeries, the same platform that hosts the applications and the computing platform most commonly used by manufacturers and warehouse distributors. Stay-Linked can be used for adding wireless device access to supply chain and warehouse management, inventory control, and ERP (enterprise resource planning) environments.

The Stay-Linked AS/400-iSeries server software acts as a session handler that manages the condition and status of all connected wireless devices from a single, reliable location. Stay-Linked keeps interrupted wireless scanning sessions alive on the AS/400-iSeries host.

Stay-Linked features include licensing and configuration updating through a centralized, non-dedicated PC interface, which eliminates the process of updating clients one-by-one. Moreover, because Stay-Linked uses existing IBM 5250 application screens to enable specific transactions in real time, there is no need for custom application coding to support wireless device. eBusiness Solution Pros, Inc.;, 714-918-7700.