LANpoint 7

April 16, 2007
TUCSON, AZ Intelligent Instrumentation, a leading manufacturer of rugged networked and wireless data collection terminals, announces the newest addition

TUCSON, AZ – Intelligent Instrumentation, a leading manufacturer of rugged networked and wireless data collection terminals, announces the newest addition to their LANpointâ family of open architectured rugged data collection terminals. The LANpoint 7 includes the Windows CE operating system running on an Intel® X-Scale® processor. These rugged, high-powered AutoID computers are designed for demanding industrial, manufacturing and supply chain applications. Their waterproof, dustproof cases easily handle dusty, dirty, or spray down environments. The new LANpoint 7 terminals are powered by an Intel XScaleÔ 400MHz RISC processor, provide non-volatile storage expandable to 500MB, have standard Ethernet 10/100BaseT and optional IEEE802.11b/g wireless connectivity, and have all the industrial features demanded by frontline end users and IT professionals alike. The LANpoint family resemblance is clear. LANpoint 7 terminals are available with many of the same configuration options of the still-available LANpoint CE.NET terminals – retaining the choices customers like while adding many improvements they suggested. These improvements include things such as a more compact size while retaining a similar integrated full-size keyboard for comfortable use, more LAN and WAN wireless connectivity options - IEEE802.11b/g 11Mbps and 54Mbps LAN or Sierra Wireless EDGE/GPRS/GSM-compatible WAN, a brighter ½ VGA LCD display, a wider standard temperature range, and ever-expanding software utilities, like the lock-down (kiosk) web browser which can be used to limit web access to just the approved web-based application, locking-out other non-productive uses.

The LANpoint 7 data collection terminals are based on Microsoft’s Windows CE.NET (Windows CE 4.2) which provides a stable and flexible embedded operating system for enterprise devices such fixed-mount data collection terminals, logic controllers, thin clients, handhelds, and advanced consumer electronics. With LANpoint 7, programmers can use their existing desktop development skills with C/C++ or Microsoft’s Visual Studio.NET development tools for creating custom managed-code solutions in either Visual Basic.NET or Visual C#.NET.

Web-enabled system administration tools, a wide range of software programmability, and a full selection of installation and accessory features and options make for unparalleled ease of implementation and system management. Having no moving parts and high quality cases, they are designed for long life in harsh industrial environments. The combination of built-in wireless networking and the industrial design allows the LANpoint 7 terminals to meet a multitude of enterprise data collection needs. Standard networking and utility software includes TCP/IP, SNMP, MSMQ, Microsoft Terminal Services Client, and remote network management provided by a Web-server application that comes loaded on every LANpoint 7. In addition, all popular terminal emulation interfaces are available – VT, HP, IBM5250, and IBM3270.

The weatherproof case seals the electronics from the damaging effects of water and dust. The keys provide excellent tactile feedback and are large enough for easy use with gloved fingers, yet compact enough to allow a small overall footprint. The programmable function keys can be used as soft-keys or menu selectors, and the programmable function key utility software is an easily used method for implementing that. Four LED indicators provide terminal status, and four additional LED indicators are user-definable.

The LANpoint 7 terminal is available with touch and non-touch displays. This gives the user a choice – a more economical terminal for many applications that do not require touch screen functionality, like terminal emulation and some web-enabled applications – or a high-quality touch screen terminal for those applications that need it. The 4-wire analog resistive touch screen includes hard coat and anti-glare surface treatments to make the touch screen models as tough and easy to view as the non-touch screen models. Extended temperature applications will benefit from the high-quality display, which has an operational temperature range of –20C to 55C.

The LANpoint 7 terminals will be available beginning April 18, 2007. A full line of accessories and options is available, from AutoID devices to battery backup packs installation kits. A PS/2 connector allows use of wedge readers as well as external keyboards. Three COM ports come standard on every unit. Optional digital I/O modules provide eight opto-isolated digital inputs and up to eight digital relay outputs. There is even the thoughtful addition of a 5V-power connector for 2D laser scanners and other AutoID devices. Intelligent Instrumentation provides everything necessary to get the LANpoint 7 terminals installed and running quickly.

Intelligent Instrumentation’s FactoryViewÒ is a family of products interfacing the machines, processes, and operations of an enterprise to data management systems. The company manufactures a complete line of industrial, LAN-ready data collection computers, automated time and attendance solutions, and microterminals for data collection and operator interface/control panel applications. Intelligent Instrumentation also manufactures data acquisition, test, measurement and control systems for desktop and portable PCs, including distributed I/O systems for Ethernet and Internet networks. The company has a worldwide network of sales and service offices.

To order, or for additional information, contact Intelligent Instrumentation, Inc.; 3000 E. Valencia Road, Suite 100; Tucson, Arizona 85706. In the USA, telephone (800) 685-9911 (Sales and Information) or fax (520) 573-0522.
Outside the USA, telephone (520) 573-0887 or fax (520) 573-0522. Visit their web site at: ; email: [email protected].