Cutting Edge

April 1, 2004
New pallets and load sensors.


Aluminum pallet is 48 in. x 40 in. with four-way entry. The fire-resistant pallet weighs as little as 30 lb and delivers a racked load capacity up to 4,000 lb. It is 100% recyclable and has no wood debris, splinters or infestation. The pallet is designed for automated storage/retrieval systems, palletization and robotics handling in the automotive parts, catalog order filling, industrial machine and food application industries. It functions well in extreme high and low temperatures, and is washable. Rhino Pallets,, 218-846-2900.


Why fit your product to a shipping platform when you can fit your shipping platform to your product? OptiLedge load carriers are fixed in place with ordinary straps and/or stretch film. The unitized load can be handled with a lift truck or hand jack. A pair of the carriers weighs less than 2 lb, yet are capable of supporting almost 2 tons; four carriers can handle 7 tons of static weight. Made from high-impact copolymer polypropylene, the carriers are recyclable. The one-way OptiLedge eliminates pallet exchange or return policy issues. OptiLogistics Inc.,, 972-506-0388.


The E2A extended-range proximity sensor is available in more than 220 models for your exact needs. Available in M8, M12, M18 and M30 sizes, the sensor features shielded or unshielded construction, NPN or PNP output, a range of material and barrel sizes, and a choice of wiring options. Sensing distances range from 2.0 mm to 30 mm. The thicker housing minimizes damage from overtorquing during installation, and the vacuum-potted construction eliminates air pockets that can cause thermal, moisture or vibration failure. Ideal for robotic pick-and-place equipment in the automotive and packaging industries, as well as material handling systems. Omron Electronics LLC,, 800-556-6766.


The Displayguard safety-information system merges protective steel guardrail with a highly visible computer-directed electronic display, which is readable at 200 feet. This gives plant management or security the ability to create and transmit safety, emergency, general instruction or production and shipping information immediately to plant operating personnel or visitors. The Windows-based software is the brain of the system and is easily installed on your desktop computer or computer network. Herwin Inc.,, 800-868-5438.