Tilt Tray Sorter

March 25, 2008
Beckum, Complex material flow technology particularly in the industry and service sector requires innovative systems in the area of distribution and sorting.

Beckum, Complex material flow technology particularly in the industry and service sector requires innovative systems in the area of distribution and sorting. The BEUMER Group has developed standard-setting and reliable technologies for the sorting and distribution of all types of goods fully automatically via extensive computer-controlled complete systems. The company specialises in mechanical and electrical Tilt Tray Sorters and is a leader in this area. Numerous renowned providers of courier, parcel and express delivery services, baggage handling systems as well as other diverse industries have relied for years on the innovative system solutions of our company as an intralogistics specialist.

The mechanically controlled BEUMER Tilt Tray Sorter is a high performance distribution system for diverse items. Like all high-quality sorting and distribution products of BEUMER, the Tilt Tray Sorter is in a modular design, enabling tailor-made solutions to be provided quickly and easily. The main components of the BEUMER Tilt Tray Sorter are: Drive, brakes, sorter frame and tracks, carriage, 2D to 3D adjustable tilting elements, tipper and discharge rail, sorter tracking, set-up device with tray checking and the BEUMER sorter control.

Thanks to the tilting elements of the sorter, 2D to 3D items can be discharged to both sides. Gentle handling is ensured in that items slide smoothly off the tray without catapult effects. This is achieved by means of a patented process where the pivot point of the tray is lowered in a vertical track. The discharge rail is designed for controlled and reproducible discharge independent of the
particular items.

Exceptional features
The BEUMER Tilt Tray Sorter is characterised by exceptional sorting quality, gentle handling, sturdy design, low-maintenance carriage, low-wear linear motor drive and low-noise operating characteristics.

The 2D tilting element consists of a cast aluminium body that houses moving components such as the shift device with slide tappet and tray mount. When the tipper lifts the tappet, the tappet roller is positioned in the guide channel of the discharge rail. Owing to the laterally directed design of the guide channel, the shift device is withdrawn from the body. This causes the tray to be lowered and tilted sideways.

Equipment variants
Arranged on the Tilt Tray Sorter 2D (two-dimensional discharge), the distribution and sorting system is also available with 3D tilting element (three-dimensional discharge) or DD tilting element (Double Density = split tray, separate tilting to the left and right). The unique kinematic design of the 3D titling element enables lengthwise discharge, preventing subsequent rocking motions after discharge. With the DD tilting element, the right and left part can be individually controlled at different positions. This doubles the trays and sorter capacity.

BEUMER E Tray Sorter
The patented BEUMER E Tray Sorter employs an electric motor as opposed to the mechanically controlled Tilt Tray Sorter. Each tilting element is provided with a d.c. geared motor. This initiates the tilting and set-up movement of the tray via a patented circular gear disc. The main feature of this drive concept is the resulting self-locking of the tray in the home position. The critical impact forces occurring during loading are thus absorbed and eliminated.

The E Tray Sorter is supplied with power via patented contactless power transmission. As each tilting element is provided with its own motor control unit, it can be controlled autonomously and individually.

Tilt Tray Sorter tried and tested worldwide
The BEUMER tilt tray technology concept has demonstrated its efficiency worldwide and is used in numerous applications. Vanderlande, the leading supplier of baggage handling systems, mainly uses BEUMER Tilt Tray Sorters for its automated baggage sorting systems. Both leading companies have jointly realised over 20 projects and supplied airports such as Antalya, Düsseldorf, London Heathrow, Ankara, Cairo and Vienna with baggage handling systems. In the courier, parcel and express delivery services sector, companies such as FedEx, DHL and GeoPost rely on the technology of the market leader for tilt tray sorters.

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