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Kelley HULK Rail Lift for compact applications

Aug. 11, 2010
The HULK Rail Lift is a self-contained, surface-mounted lift designed for facilities lacking space or configuration for a conventional dock lift. It includes interchangeable parts, offers smaller platform sizes to fit tighter spaces, is inexpensive to install and easy to relocate.

The lift is available in 4,000 and 6,000 lb. capacities, includes a 5HP motor for lifting speeds up to 20 feet per minute, and a lifting range of up to 84”. The direct-thrust cylinder also provides constant speed through the full range of travel. Platform sizes for the lift can be as small as 4’x5’, and the lift’s lowered height is 4.5 inches, creating a versatile lift for smaller facilities.

Safety features include a pre-wired, NEMA 12 control panel and a self-contained power unit, NEMA 4X hand control, velocity fuse on the lift cylinder to prevent uncontrolled descent, and beveled toe guards for toe protection.

Kelley Company