Employee Free Choice Act: EPI Wants to ‘Sort Fact from Fiction’

March 12, 2009
WASHINGTON—Citing what it calls “the business-sponsored fog machine,” the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a self-described nonprofit, nonpartisan research institute, released a bulletin today “to help sort fact from fiction as the rhetoric heats up.”

“With the Employee Free Choice Act officially before Congress, the business-sponsored fog machine is ratcheting up efforts to portray the Act as an assault on workers’ democratic rights as well as on efforts to revitalize the labor market and the economy,” said the EPI in the bulletin.

It then offered the following online resources:
* EPI Web site: www.epi.org
* Labor policy page: http://www.epi.org/issues/category/labor_policy

On the EPI Web site, visitors can find an overview of the current law governing union-representation elections and how it would change under EFCA; congressional testimony from Dr. Paula B. Voos, professor of labor studies at Rutgers University; a statement from 40 economists; and excerpts from several books on the subject.