RFID Forklift Solution

March 25, 2005
International Papers Smart Packaging business introduces the industrys first operational Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) forklift solution. The

International Paper’s Smart Packaging business introduces the industry’s first operational Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) forklift solution. The forklift solution was shown and demonstrated at the RFID World show in Dallas earlier this month. “While other companies are making plans and talking about developing this type of solution, International Paper is leading the industry with our first-of-a-kind RFID forklift solution that is now available commercially,” said Alan Clark, general manager of International Paper’s Smart Packaging business. “There is an industry need for this type of RFID solution, and our expertise and experience in RFID has enabled us to deliver and successfully meet that need.”

International Paper leveraged its development experience with the industry’s first RFID lift-truck solution to create this latest offering. The company successfully developed and implemented its Warehouse Tracking System, which uses RFID to identify and locate large paper rolls, in its Texarkana, Texas paper mill two years ago. “We now offer the forklift as a product line extension for use with palletized products. The forklift reads Electronic Product Code (EPC) pallet tags and tracks every warehouse product movement,” said Scott Andersen, technical director for International Paper’s Smart Packaging business. “Our forklift solution combines the use of RFID to identify the pallet contents with the use of RFID and other proprietary technologies to monitor and report the location and condition of the forklift in real time.”

Not only will International Paper’s latest RFID solution work for any customer, it can potentially provide a less expensive alternative to warehouse RFID deployments. Customers wanting to improve their inventory accuracy, reduce lost shipments and improve their overall supply chain can do so with RFID forklift solutions and eliminate the need for RFID portals at every dock door. International Paper’s RFID forklift solution is able to identify and track product on board the forklift from loading to unloading. With an automated shipping and receiving process, forklift operators can focus on driving the trucks and improve their productivity instead of manually scanning barcodes.

Customers who already have RFID systems in place can also benefit from this new system. “International Paper’s RFID forklift solution can be integrated with any existing system and can be installed on any forklift,” said Mark Brown, system analyst for International Paper’s Smart Packaging business. “We work with our customers to meet their needs and customize solutions that work for them.”

International Paper’s RFID lift-truck solution has successfully captured 5 million EPC reads in its nearly two year commercial existence. “We know this solution works because of its track record in a demanding production environment. We have also conducted extensive testing of EPC pallet reads at our Customer Solution Center (CSC). The CSC is a fully integrated warehouse demonstration, testing and training facility,” said Brown. “This product consists of ruggedized readers and locator technology that exceeds industrial requirements for surviving the warehouse operation’s tough environment.”

International Paper welcomes visitors at the Customer Solution Center in Memphis, Tenn., for a demonstration of this forklift solution that is available today for immediate commercial application.
For more information on International Paper’s RFID forklift solution, and other products and services offered by the company send an e-mail to [email protected] or visit www.ipsmartpackaging.com.

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