Product News

May 1, 2002
New products in the material handling industry.

The 3-Position Truck is a lightweight aluminum hand truck that can be configured as traditional two- and four-wheel arrangements or as a four-wheel/45-degree slant setup. As a 2-wheel hand truck, it has a load capacity of 500 lb. In either 4-wheel position, capacity is to 650 lb. The 12-in. by 38-in. bed has three cross braces for added capacity. The unit includes 5-in. locking casters and 10-in. wheels. Wesco Industrial Products Inc.;, 215-699-7031.


The RC-8 security cart offers a double-door front and an EZ Latch N Lock system to keep contents secure. It is 48 by 24 by 70 in. The mesh is 2.25 by 2.25 in., with a 1- by 4-in. base mesh. The cart can hold up to 1,800 lb. Each optional shelf holds up to 200 lb. The casters are bolted to a welded plate and inset for protection. Carico Systems.


Flame-retardant pallets have UL 2335 Classification. This classification is given to products with a proven fire safety factor at parity with, or better than, wooden pallets. Available sizes include 36 by 48 in., 37 by 37 in., 37 by 43 in., 40 by 48 in., and 95 by 105 cm. These pallets are clean, lightweight and recyclable, and have good strength; all without metal fasteners. Rehrig Pacific Co.;, 800-546-4993.


The design of the ELE 35/45 electric pallet trucks improves ergonomics and maneuverability when handling loads in trailers and narrow aisles. The overall width is 27.2 in. and the length is 69.7 in. Load capacities are 3,500 and 4,500 lb respectively. Maximum travel speed is 3.7 mph without load and 3.5 mph with load for the ELE 35 and 3.3 mph loaded for the ELE 45. The lowered fork height is 3.25 in. Multiton MIC Corp.;, 804-737-7400.


Two new sizes of Invincible Storage Rack Beams are now available, one for light-duty load requirements and another for high-capacity applications. The 2.5- and 3-in. heights compliment the 3.5-, 4-, 4.5-, 5-, 5.5- and 6-in. heights. The new sizes handle hand-loaded rackingapplications. The 6-in. beam handles higher-capacity storage requirements. The beams are made of high-strength steel and have a durable polyurethane finish. Standard upright frames are available in 6- to 24-ft heights and 36-, 42- and 48-in. depths. Wireway/Husky Corp.;, 800-438-5629.


The BOD-66M analog laser sensor allows low-cost, long-range, continuous measurement of distance, height and length. With background suppression, its sensing range is from 200 mm to 2 m with a resolution of less than 5 mm. It uses laser triangulation to determine distances. Balluff Inc.;, 800-543-8390.


The EDAS CE system provides 8 to 192 channels of isolated analog I/O, digital I/O, relay output and RS-232 data with built-in 10/100BaseT Ethernet plus an embedded CPU running Windows CE 3.0 and Entivity’s Studio software. The system provides real-time machine and process information to a company’s manufacturing execution system. Intelligent Instrumentation,, 800.685.9911.


The Flexible Modula Series F500 uses photocells to sense the height of products in trays and automatically locates the appropriate space needed within the lift. The NoWait tray delivery system increases throughput. An external workstation has ergonomic access and provides up 1,100 lbs of capacity per tray. The total unit can hold up to 132,000 lbs. White Systems Inc., FKI Logistex;, 908.272.6700.


MegaLift 100 Vertical Lift Module offers 2,200-pound tray storage capacity while saving up to 75 percent of floor space. This enclosed system of vertically arranged trays travels at a speed of 160 feet per minute. Standard extraction speed is 15.75 inches per second. Products can be randomly stored for flexibility. MegaStar Systems;, 800-701-1908.


The Little David LS-800/DT Multipurpose Print and Apply Label Application System can print and apply labels by corner wrap, dual tamp or single tamp with minimal changeover. Features include microprocessor-driven controller, non-cantilevered double frame to eliminate web drift and balanced feed for consistent label tension. Loveshaw, an ITW Co.


The ProFlex Model 1650 Economy All Elastic back support features a two-stage closure that adjusts first for exact fit then for desired level of tension for lifting. It helps remind the wearer to lift properly. It has a single 5-in. elastic cinch strap for positive tension and adjustable, detach-able, wider cut straps for improved com-fort and fit. The knit elastic body material provides extra-firm support, comfort, fit and durability. Ergodyne;, 800-225-8238.


The GSU 14/24 ultrasonic sensor detects all label types including foil on foil, foil on paper, paper on paper, metal-foil and thin metal foils as well as clear, metallic and conductive ink labels. It has either PNP or NPN outputs. Adjustments are made through a push-button remote teach-in feature. Leuze-Lumiflex Inc.; 973-586-0100.


Ropak reusable containers feature a long-side hinged drop door on the 64.5- by 48-in. line. The drop doors have a latchless design that when opened lie flat against the outside of the container. They can be removed through the articulated hinge. This line of containers is also available with 0, 1 or 2 hinged drop doors on the 48-in. side. They feature four-way lift truck entry. The containers can stack high, either upright or collapsed. Linpac Materials Handling;, 800-442-4892.


The Ergonomic Load Calculator is a web-based tool that assists employers in identifying, measuring and solving ergonomic problems relating to manually pushing or pulling heavy loaded carts or wheeled equipment. It estimates the amount of horizontal force necessary to move loads on wheels, taking into account floor condition, terrain and footing as well as the weight of the load. It works on loaded carts, machinery on wheels and casters or product propelled down an assembly line. DJ Products Inc.;, 888-690-2278.