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Toyota’s 8-Series 4-wheel AC Electric Lift Trucks

Aug. 5, 2010
The manufacturer promises longer runtimes, quicker acceleration, and up to 21 percent faster travel speeds over the previous model.

These new trucks from Toyota are available in 4,000 to 6,500 pound load capacities—including a new 5,500 pound model. They are suited for virtually every indoor material handling need, from food and beverage to general warehousing and distribution centers.

Each in a series of AC subsystems either conserves or regenerates power to maximize operational productivity between battery charges. The motor features a “power keep” function, designed to compensate for battery depletion and corresponding loss of performance. This allows for longer run times and more consistent power output throughout the length of each battery charge cycle. Energy is continually recovered through three forms of regenerative braking: coast control, plug braking and foot braking.

Operator visibility is enhanced by angled tie-bars on both the overhead guard and load backrest extension as well as the lowered free-lift cylinders on both the 3-stage and 4-stage masts. A multifunction digital display is integrated into the front cowl, offering an uncluttered forward view toward the load and operating environment. Orange forks help clearly define the position of the fork tips.

Toyota Material Handling USA