Cubic Designs Safety Gate

May 5, 2010
The Cubic Pivot Gate from Cubic Designs is an industrial safety gate designed to simplify pallet loading and unloading from elevated areas within a facility.

It allows for safe loading/unloading of materials from mezzanines, elevated storage areas, in-plant office platforms, catwalks, equipment platforms, rack systems and other elevated floor areas. In the closed position, Pivot Gate provides a rail barrier integrated into the surrounding rail system. In the open position, Pivot Gate protects the elevated loading area and allows employees to safely move materials.

The floor-mounted, steel Cubic Pivot Gate is available in two widths (56 and 104 inches) to accommodate a variety of pallet sizes. When one side of the gate is open, the other side closes, ensuring nothing will fall off the mezzanine or elevated area.

Cubic Designs