May 7, 2007
Milwaukee Frommelt Products Corporation, a division of Rite-Hite Corp., today introduced the PitMaster Under-leveler Seal, the first and only seal of

Milwaukee – Frommelt Products Corporation, a division of Rite-Hite Corp., today introduced the PitMaster Under-leveler Seal, the first and only seal of its kind to go beyond the capabilities of traditional loading dock seals and shelters to close off the fourth side of the dock opening – beneath and around the dock leveler. The resulting barrier seals air gaps to dramatically reduce energy costs and improve industrial hygiene.

"Because the front of a typical leveler pit is fully open to the outside environment, it can create a host of potential problems at the loading dock in terms of sanitation issues and wasted energy," said Paul Rowlett, president of Frommelt Products Corp. "In other words, if you’re already investing in a seal or shelter to control the environment at your dock, why stop at only sealing three sides of the opening? It’s a question we answered with the PitMaster, which offers an extremely simple way to minimize the potential for dirt, debris, and insects to enter a facility – and also achieve significant energy costs savings."

To effectively complete the seal at the loading dock, the standard PitMaster Under-leveler Seal, designed to fit a variety of leveler types, features a compressible sealing curtain made of durable black vinyl. The curtain is held in place by spring-loaded arms and flexible stays that keep the seal engaged against the leveler and pit sides throughout leveler operation. A separate header curtain constantly maintains the seal – even when the leveler is in an above-dock position.

The PitMaster closes up the pit and seals air gaps where the leveler, the truck and the dock seal or shelter all meet. By eliminating small openings or "white space" at the trailer level, the seal:

· helps prevent dust, pests, debris and refuse from collecting in leveler pits;

· keeps the dock area and the entire facility cleaner; and

· promotes improved sanitation and industrial hygiene, which can help food facilities pass AIB inspections.

Additionally, the PitMaster helps prevent heating and/or cooling energy from escaping the building, resulting in typical energy cost savings of $200 - $900 per year per dock position, depending on climate. PitMaster components accomplish this in two ways: First, air flow is blocked by sealing the gaps below and at the corners of the dock leveler. Second, by securely sealing up the pit area, an insulating pocket of "dead-air" forms beneath the leveler, reducing heat transfer through the steel leveler deck for substantial, around-the-clock energy savings.

In addition to standard components, the PitMaster Under-leveler Seal also has a variety of options. Leveler lip corner seals help to eliminate hard-to-seal gaps at corners of the dock leveler. When a trailer is in place, optional filler pads close the gaps between the leveler and dock shelter to further seal white space, gaps and small openings.

The PitMaster installs easily with common tools. A quick-disconnect feature allows the main sealing curtain to be released for access to the leveler pit when dock equipment maintenance is needed. Sealing components can be replaced quickly and easily but require no regular maintenance.

A 12-month, money-back guarantee of customer satisfaction comes with the PitMaster Under-leveler Seal. Contact a Rite-Hite representative to request a risk-free energy analysis, or visit www.ritehite.com www.ritehite.com for more information.