Duos Technologies, Inc. Announces New Video Flashlight Tag & Track System Officially Handed over for Evaluation to the TSA and the Jacksonville Airport Authority

June 1, 2005
JACKSONVILLE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 14, 2005--"The project has officially moved into the final evaluation phase which is expected to be complete
JACKSONVILLE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 14, 2005--"The project has officially moved into the final evaluation phase which is expected to be complete on or about July 31, 2005," said Scott Carns, Duos Technology's project manager.

Video Flashlight is a computer-aided visualization platform that combines live video images with three-dimensional facility models to produce an intuitive scene display that includes a complete view reaching from the TSA security checkpoint area to the end of one of the concourses. It replaces traditional banks of CCTV monitors with an integrated, easy-to-navigate view of the entire area that gives security operators a real-time comprehensive picture of their tactical situation. In the event of a security breach, Security personnel will be able to go back in time to the breach event, tag the respective suspect and follow the suspect in fast forward mode until the individual is located in real-time. "You can almost compare the system with a sophisticated video game in which you follow a character without ever losing site of it," said Chris Styles, JIA's Senior Manager Airport Operations and Security.

The system, which also includes a series of pan/tilt/zoom cameras that allow security personnel to zoom into any scene for detailed investigation and a "Wrong Way Detection" feature alerting security personnel any time a person enters an exit gate going in the wrong direction, has been in use for the past three weeks and has been well accepted by airport and TSA personnel. "This is a powerful tool that will help us make good security decisions. It provides real-time and historic video footage of what actually happened within the area covered currently by the system," said Danette Bewly, Director of the Jacksonville International Airport.

"The Airport is very pleased with the results of this project, and as anticipated, this project came in on time, on budget and it works as originally intended. We are especially impressed with Duos' and Sarnoff's attention to detail in every aspect of this project," said Chris Styles.

"Jacksonville Airport Authority is proud of its track record of providing leadership while partnering with the TSA and private industry as a pilot test site for new security technologies," said Chip Snowden, Chief Operating Officer of the Jacksonville Airport Authority. "Adding these intelligent video tools is part of our continuing effort to ensure the safety and well-being of our passengers and visitors."

Airport closures due to security breaches impose substantial costs and distress on travelers, airlines, and government agencies. This pilot will demonstrate that a visualization and video analysis system can substantially reduce the incidence of these closures, as well as the resulting expense and disruption of operations.

"We anticipate that once the TSA has completed its operational evaluation and finds that the Flashlight system represents a substantial enhancement to the current security operation, most major airports or other venues with similar security vulnerabilities will want to add Flashlight to their own security infrastructure," said Gianni Arcaini, Chairman and CEO of Duos Technologies, Inc., the Jacksonville based firm that was responsible for this pilot program.

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