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iKey Industrial Display

June 21, 2010
iKey introduces an improved industrial flat panel display built for use in harsh environments.

The new line features slim-profile alloy panels that are resistant to dirt, dust, liquids and corrosives, says the company. LCD display screen-size options include: the 15-inch IK-PDS-1502, the 17-inch IK-PDS-1703 and the 19-inch IK-PDS-1902. Each model is equipped with a touchscreen.

iKey says the IK line has an IP65-rated front panel and operating temperature of 0 *C to 50 *C, a storage temperature of -20 *C to 60 *C and reliability of more than 50,000 hours. Each display is equipped for VESA mounting, panel and wall mounting as well as wall-embedded installation.