Superior Industries Conveyor

July 28, 2010
Superior Industries, a manufacturer of conveyor systems and components, introduces the TeleStacker Conveyor system for barge or ship loading and unloading.

The conveyor systems are custom-configured to meet the requirements of specific marine handling applications. While delivering the advantages of a lower capital investment, shorter lead times and quick onsite assembly, Superior TeleStacker Conveyor systems are an alternative to the use of labor-intensive cranes and clamshell buckets, or cable stackers. Systems are sized for the application with conveyor lengths from 110 feet to 190 feet; belt widths from 30 inches to 72 inches; and capacities ranging from 500 to 5,000 tons per hour.

Each customized TeleStacker Conveyor system is designed and engineered to perform both load and unload functions, while providing mobile flexibility with the three key travel modes. These modes include an inline travel mode; a dock travel or transverse travel mode with 360-degree rotation; and a radial travel or tow mode. Systems are equipped with a mobile pivot base that allows free-ranging transfer point mobility and a fixed-width head axle with a swiveling wheel carriage that allows rotation into each mode. Axle jacks relieve the weight, a hydraulic pin is released, and the unit swivels into the next position. With push-button operation on the control panel, changing from one mode to another is quick, easy and safe. All load and unload functions can be operated via the control panel or with a wireless remote belly pack.

Mainframe and stinger belt covers eliminate dust emission or material spillage, while full-length drip pans prevent material from spilling onto the dock or polluting water resources. A telescoping discharge chute is available to control dust emission and material drop height during loading; and a 360-degree, rotating trimming spoon can be combined with the telescoping discharge chute trimming around the hatches when loading.

Superior Industries