Savi Technology Recognized by NDTA

Oct. 1, 2003
WASHINGTON, DC -- Savi Technology, which has provided data-rich active Radio Frequency Identification systems and support software to the U.S. Department

WASHINGTON, DC -- Savi Technology, which has provided data-rich active Radio Frequency Identification systems and support software to the U.S. Department of Defense for nearly a decade, was recently named as the recipient of the "National Transportation Award for 2003" by the National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA). Savi Technology has the distinction of being the first technology company to win the prestigious award, which has been given in past years to companies such as Boeing Corp., Maersk Sea Land and other major transportation and service providers.

The award was announced at the Association of the United States Army's (AUSA) Annual Meeting this week at the New Washington Convention Center. Through three successive multi-year procurement contracts with the U.S. Army's Product Manager for Automatic Identification Technologies, Savi Technology has been the primary provider of RFID-related technologies to all military branches for more than seven years.

In recent ceremonies at the NDTA's annual conference, the association acknowledged Savi Technology for its leadership in providing RFID technology and software to significantly improve end-to-end-supply chain management and visibility of military supply shipments within the Department of Defense and for improving Homeland Security through a global security network and electronic sensor systems on ocean cargo containers shipped into the United States.

In granting the award, NDTA stated: "Savi Technology has demonstrably advanced the art and science of defense transportation by providing DOD the technology to move away from brute force logistics (large stockpiles of materiel) in the operational theater and toward the precise delivery of materiel to the required location at the right time.

"Savi Technology is transforming the end-to-end supply chain -- changing the way it is operated, managed and secured. RFID technology and supporting software enable all participants in the supply chain to know in real-time the precise location and status of their shipment. By designing and leveraging cutting-edge technology, Savi is breaking the logistics paradigm, providing innovative solutions to its broad base of customers - Government and commercial -and contributing to improved National Security."

In accepting the award, Vikram Verma, Savi Technology's Chief Executive Officer, stated: "Our promise to the U.S. Department of Defense is that we will not rest on our laurels," said Vic Verma, Savi's Chief Executive Officer. "We shortly will be introducing the next generation of solutions incorporating the 'soldier proof' lessons learned from OEF and OIF and, at the same time, ensuring that these new products will be backwardly compatible with the existing DoD infrastructure.

"We will continue to provide 'in the box,' 'nodal,' and 'on demand' visibility of assets in the DoD supply chain. After listening to lessons learned from Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), we are now also adding 'between node visibility' through the use of specially designed products that tightly integrate with the U.S. Army's MTS, DTTS and IRRIS with our Comtech and QualComm partners.

"To ensure that we take advantage of the newest passive tag technology, we have already initiated actions within the Auto ID Center and potential manufacturers of the forthcoming Electronic Product Code to ensure that the EPC can be seamlessly integrated with our active data rich solutions to provide the DoD with end-to-end 'nested' visibility for all items in a shipment.

"Savi and the DoD have worked throughout the years in a partnership to deliver the best solutions possible. I personally appreciate all the support given to Savi by DoD, because without this partnership and support, we would have not accomplished such significant results for the services."

Through partnerships with best-of-breed technology providers and its own suite of RFID tags, readers and support software, Savi Technology has helped the U.S. DoD build the Total Asset Visibility network -- the largest active RFID cargo tracking system -- which was rapidly extended for OIF and has the capabilities of tracking tens of thousands of shipments through more than 750 nodes in over 45 countries. Savi's real-time solutions also have been used by the military for in-facility visibility and tracking of parts and equipment, such as at the Corpus Christi Army Depot where helicopters are refurbished, and at military installations where munitions are stockpiled. The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence also contracted with Savi earlier this year to synchronize real-time tracking of military supplies with the U.S. DoD for OIF. The 6th-generation technology developed for DoD over the past decade has been leveraged for Smart and Secure Tradelanes, an industry-driven initiative deploying automatic identification technologies, from sensors to satellite systems, and software either provided by or integrated by Savi in building a global security network for cargo containers.

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