PeopleScout Launches New Web-based PeopleScout Candidate Screening System

Oct. 1, 2003
Chicago, IL PeopleScout, the leading provider of outsourced candidate screening and processing solutions, announced the launch of its new PeopleScout

Chicago, IL– PeopleScout, the leading provider of outsourced candidate screening and processing solutions, announced the launch of its new PeopleScout software employee recruitment technology. The newly developed Web-based platform offers new and enhanced time-efficient candidate processing access for applicants while increasing the bottom line for employers.

PeopleScout technology enables employers to empower their own career Web sites by allowing candidates to seamlessly screen for employment opportunities and find available positions. This inexpensive recruitment model allows companies to narrow down the right matches in the candidate pool according to their needs and requirements, enabling them to select the "best of the best" to fill their open positions quickly and effectively. After the initial online screening, employers can choose whether their candidates should then be scheduled for real-time, in-person interviews or if PeopleScout should have one of their 300 professionally trained interviewers conduct additional screening.

"The blend of technology with the real-time human touch is what makes us so successful," said Denise Foy, president of PeopleScout, in announcing the introduction of the PeopleScout proprietary software. "Our value-added services offer customers a variety of ways in which candidates and applicants can get in touch with them. Combining personalized interviewing with technology-based screening enables us to provide a greater degree of success in filling hourly positions. Nearly 99 percent of candidates we screen receive personal interviews by PeopleScout staff members, enabling us to place 60-70 percent more employees than competitors because candidates are not lost in a computer database or IVR, or forgotten on an answering machine or voice mail. In addition, hourly wage candidates are more eager to follow up on scheduled interviews and are more likely to be hired because they have already been through the optimal PeopleScout screening process, which ensures the applicant is qualified for the company's basic criteria. We are very pleased with this newly developed, Web-based PeopleScout candidate-screening tool that provides us with a new level of candidate processing expertise. It represents our commitment to creating ongoing cost- and service-efficient candidate processing programs by using leading edge technology, in concert with human interaction, to service our clients in the best possible manner for all parties."

PeopleScout is a robust an easy to use desktop tool for the internal hiring manager. The employer can customize the solution by choosing when and who receives interviews within their candidate pool, view interview rosters and candidate profiles, generate a wealth of data analyses such as media effectiveness, fill rates, disqualification analysis, hiring ratios, cost per hire and more. This system was purposely designed to enhance the quality of use for the candidate as well as the hiring manager. PeopleScout's Web-based technology is guaranteed to lower an employer's cost per hire and continually fill wanted positions with the highest level of employees.

PeopleScout is a pioneer in the recruitment industry, with innovative solutions in high volume candidate processing services. For more information, please visit or call 800-966-4803.