July 12, 2005
IRVINE, Calif. - (TMHU), the number one selling lift truck supplier in the U.S., today introduced its new 7-Series range of Class 3 Pallet Trucks, offering

IRVINE, Calif. - (TMHU), the number one selling lift truck supplier in the U.S., today introduced its new 7-Series range of Class 3 Pallet Trucks, offering a total of six new enhanced models.

Some of the new product features found on the Pallet Truck line-up include an ergonomic control handle, mechanical chassis enhancements and a soft-cushioned rider platform.

"Toyota is continuously looking for ways to improve our customers' bottom line," said Cesar Jimenez, electric product planning manager for TMHU. "These upgrades will enhance the pallet trucks' reliability and durability to stand up to today's demanding high cycle operations. Furthermore, comfort and convenience have been improved to maximize operator throughput and productivity."

To further enhance the pallet trucks' utility a number of new options are now available, including additional double and triple-length pallet forks on select models, fork entry rollers, battery gates interlock switches and a redesigned coast control system with jog buttons to increase order- picking productivity. Additionally, various Underwriters Laboratory (UL) ratings such as "E" and "EE" are now available as optional equipment to meet varying customer applications.

Some of Toyota's most significant breakthroughs in the operability and performance of its 7-Series electric pallet trucks stem from its Separately Excited (SepEx) drive motor that enhances acceleration and top travel speed, while improving overall efficiency through regenerative braking. These new product offerings, coupled with the existing SepEx™ drive motor and transistor control system, provide customers with a wide range of performance- and productivity-enhancing features to exceed the demands of the toughest workplace environments.

Similar SepEx Transistor Control technology is used to deliver smooth speed control, allowing for more precise positioning of the truck and improved operator efficiency. In addition, Toyota's polyurethane torsion block casters provide consistent, easy cornering and load handling stability to help minimize product damage. They also act as natural shock absorbers for improved operator comfort on select models.

The new multifunction control handle offers simplified operations of all controls with either hand. It features ergonomically positioned dual thumb wheels with twist grips, lift, lower and horn buttons. The center control rider and tow tractor models also feature a new, three-position adjustable height control handle to accommodate varying operator heights for improved operating comfort.

Toyota furthered the pallet trucks' reliability and durability by incorporating larger-sized pull rods, heavy-duty bushings and pins along with tractor reinforcement that add strength and stability for increased component life.

Common enhancements among several 7-Series models are box rail fork construction, dual lift cylinders and four-point lift linkage that add torsional rigidity and maximum strength for reduce wear and tear on the pallet trucks. This new line of pallet trucks is well suited to meet the demands of retail, wholesale, manufacturing, transportation and other business operations.

TMHU is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., and offers a full line of high-quality lift trucks sold under the Toyota brand. Built on a reputation for excellence, Toyota is known for its quality, reliability and durability.

Third-party research indicates Toyota lift trucks rank highest in value and quality among the top competitors. Most of the Toyota lift trucks sold in the United States are manufactured in Columbus, Ind.

Toyota's commitment to excellence in customer service extends nationwide. Seventy authorized Toyota Industrial Equipment dealers with a total of 186 dealership locations throughout the United States offer comprehensive customer service support, including one-stop shopping for both new and Certified Used lift trucks, parts, service and financing. For more information on TMHU, please visit www.toyotaforklift.com or call 1-800-226-0009.