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Sick Modular Safety Controller

June 4, 2009
The new FX3 Flexi Soft modular safety controller from Sick is described as a software-programmable safety controller that can be adapted to a variety of safety applications for small- to medium-sized machines.

The controller has a modular hardware platform that allows it to expand, module by module, saving space in the control cabinet while providing flexibility for future expansion. In addition, its “fast shut-off” feature speeds response time and reduces the overall footprint of the machine or process.

The controller also offers enhanced functional interface (EFI) integration as well as Ethernet/IP, PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET, CANopen, Ethernet TCP/IP and Modbus TCP network communication capabilities.

The “Flexi Soft Designer” free software offers diagnostics, simulation, error history and online monitoring for the controller and can be downloaded here.

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