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ITW Muller Auto Roll Changer

Oct. 5, 2009
ITW Muller introduces its auto roll changer for Octopus rotary ring stretch wrappers. The auto roll changer automatically replaces depleted or broken film with a new roll, minimizing manual film roll changeovers and production interruptions.

The auto roll changer removes the used film, rotates new film into position, and wrapping resumes. The used film can then be replenished at the operator’s convenience while the stretch wrapper is operating. The changer eliminates the need to open the safety gate to attend to broken film alarms or film roll changes as well as the need to enter the confined wrap zone to change film.

ITW Muller says the changer is available as an option on all new Octopus machines or as a retrofit to most existing Octopus machines.

ITW Muller