Aug. 26, 2005
FP Internationals FASTTrack PAPER PAK system is the fastest paper machine available, dispensing paper at up to 5 feet per second. The new FASTTrack PAPER
FP International’s FASTTrack PAPER PAK’R™ system is the fastest paper machine available, dispensing paper at up to 5½ feet per second. The new FASTTrack PAPER PAK'R system allows packers to maintain optimum productivity on a high-volume conveyor line. A new Auto Indexing (AI) feature allows the operator to program the exact amount of paper required, then the AI automatically replenishes it “on-demand” so paper always is available to pack the next carton. The AI feature operates at three speeds: slow, medium, and fast. The machine also has a touch-screen keypad that allows an operator to make exact pre-set lengths of paper void fill in addition to using a foot pedal to control paper lengths. The FASTTrack PAPER PAK’R can be mounted on a modular, height-adjustable stand with locking casters that can be positioned over any conveyor or pack table. An optional, detachable packing table is available so that the FASTTrack PAPER PAK'R can be used as a stand-alone work station. This small, sturdy machine offers multiple paper grades. It can use both single ply 30# and 40# basis weights and there is an optional Dual Paper Roll Kit that can be added to produce two-
ply “finished” paper available to meet many packing applications (void fill, block and brace, cushioning, interleaving and wrapping). The easy-to-operate FASTTrack PAPER PAK’R machine saves time and money by increasing productivity and lowering labor and material costs. Learn more about the fastest and most cost effective paper packaging system available. A sales representative will help you determine which FASTTrack Paper Packaging System is right for you. Call FP International at 800- 888-3725 or Contact Us online. For product information, contact: FP International 800-888-3725 /