B60ZAC and B80ZAC Series

April 20, 2007
Hyster has introduced the new B60ZAC and B80ZAC Series Walkie/Rider to increase the versatility of the Walkie/Rider Motorized Hand Pallet Truck. This

Hyster has introduced the new B60ZAC and B80ZAC Series Walkie/Rider to increase the versatility of the Walkie/Rider Motorized Hand Pallet Truck. This new strong and tough truck moves more loads with less effort maximizing productivity in today’s warehouse. Hyster has utilized the latest advancements in AC Traction Control technology to provide increased torque, pace-setting travel speeds and smooth acceleration. The new patent pending Power Assist Steering option enhances ergonomics. In addition, it provides superior dependability with easier serviceability while maximizing productivity. These trucks come in optional double and triple pallet fork lengths allowing operators to move more product in one load.

The AC Traction Control System is completely tailored with four performance modes for a perfect match to a customer requirement. “Tailoring the truck to the skill level of an operator or to a specific requirement for the customer is something customers have long desired, so Hyster has responded to the demand”, said Bobby Hopkins of Hyster Company. The AC traction transistor controller eliminates motor brushes and directional contactors, creating very reliable equipment with
minimal maintenance requirements. The B60ZAC and B80ZAC have an enhanced energy efficiency feature. The operator can turn on this feature allowing the truck to operate longer between battery changes.

Hyster’s new Power Assist Steer option significantly reduces the effort necessary to steer. This new feature will dramatically reduce operator fatigue and enhance the maneuverability of the truck increasing the speed and productivity of the driver. This feature is particularly useful for moving loads through tight turns and crowded loading and staging areas. The ergonomic design features a new control handle with a shock absorbing floor mat. The low platform step height and large operator area give the operator the tools to perform efficiently while operating the new B60ZAC and B80ZAC Walkie/ Rider.

Another first from Hyster is an innovative service package. Hyster has developed an extreme corrosion and wash down package. This innovative package option includes completely galvanized chassis, forks, and load wheel linkages; which eliminates rusting and repainting giving the customer ultimate durability and longevity. All pivot points on the lift linkage assembly have lube fittings extending component life. Heat treated nickel plate lift linkage pins and load wheel axles further equip the new B60ZAC or B80ZAC to work in the toughest of applications, such as slaughter houses, salt and brine environments experienced on loading docks, and food processing plants.

Hyster is combining industry leading productivity and dependability with world-renowned serviceability in this new B60ZAC or B80ZAC motorized hand truck series.

For more information or specifications on the new B60ZAC or B80ZAC Walkie/Rider contact Hyster at 1-800-Hyster-1 or visit