Intuitive releases Intuitive ERP 6.0

Feb. 1, 2003
Kirkland, Washington January 31, 2003 Intuitive Manufacturing Systems, a leading provider of enterprise resource planning software for small and medium-sized

Kirkland, Washington – January 31, 2003 – Intuitive Manufacturing Systems, a leading provider of enterprise resource planning software for small and medium-sized manufacturers, today announced the release of its ERP solution, Intuitive ERP version 6.0. Version 6.0 is the first ERP software product built on a 100 percent Microsoft .NET architecture. In addition to a complete .NET infrastructure, the 6.0 release includes the following new features: Intuitive CRM, Service and Repair module, Freight Management system, iCustomer Web catalog; and a new Ad Hoc Report Wizard and planning reporting system written in .NET.

"The 6.0 release represents a new threshold for Intuitive," said Chuck Gillam, Intuitive’s president. "Our new architecture, written completely on the .NET platform, allows us to develop product at an extremely rapid rate, as well as release features and functionality such as the new Web Catalog and ATP forms that are unparalleled in the industry. As we continue to convert our functionality to this new framework, we will see this type of dramatic increase in functionality, speed, and usability across the board. We could not be more excited about our product direction nor more confident in our future than we are today with our 6.0 release."


The new Intuitive CRM offering includes the ability to create and track opportunities and prospects, to manage all contacts, and to fully integrate with Outlook. This new functionality addresses all of the CRM needs of our customer base in a completely intuitive, integrated solution.

Service and Repair

The new Service and Repair module allows for incident tracking, warranty tracking, and full visibility into the life of a product. This new module is fully integrated into the CRM and the RMA modules.

Freight Management

The freight management functionality allows customers to automatically calculate freight amounts, "shop" for freight rates based on different carrier options, etc. The Freight Manager is integrated into scales and label printing as well to complete the suite of freight needs.


The iCustomer offering has been expanded to include a state of the art Web Catalog that allows our customer’s customers to easily place orders over the Web. This feature is seamlessly integrated with our product and customer data, giving our customers total control over the user experience of their customers, from the products they see to the prices they are given.

Ad Hoc Report Wizard

The Ad Hoc Report Wizard offers another dimension of ease of use in reporting to our customers. You can report on any field in any table without knowing a single query or table layout. This extremely easy reporting tool includes field layouts, calculations, presentation options, and more.

New .NET forms

Perhaps the most exciting of all is the new form layout. Now that the architecture of Intuitive is complete in .NET, the "bottom of the iceberg" is complete. With each new release, more and more functionality is now being offered in the new .NET format. This revolutionizes the user’s experience with an extremely intuitive user interface. Ease of use, speed, and dramatic new functionality are available as each Intuitive function is adopted into the .NET world. The release of 6.0 laid the groundwork, but also put out the first feature set in the .NET framework. These exciting new forms are just the beginning of the functionality coming from Intuitive in the coming months.

"The release of 6.0 is a dream come true for a sales manager" said Ed Doris, vice president of worldwide sales at Intuitive. "Not only is the .NET platform state of the art technology, but allows us to produce new product at an amazing rate. Version 6.0 is outstanding, but it is only the beginning."