Portable Storage Racks

Nov. 3, 2006
For fluctuating or constantly-moving inventory, or simply to save space, portable storage racks can be a cost-effective answer. Warehouse space is always

For fluctuating or constantly-moving inventory, or simply to save space, portable storage racks can be a cost-effective answer.

Warehouse space is always at a premium, and maximizing it is always a burden upon a company. Fluctuating or constantly shifting inventory can cause space to be wasted within fixed storage such as selective pallet racking. A traditional solution to this problem has been simply stacking wooden pallets on top of each other, which puts inventory, personnel and facilities at risk. In such cases, it is well worthwhile for an operation to consider portable storage racks.

"A company can use portable racks in place of wooden pallets simply because they can be loaded with product and safely stacked several units high," says Garry Grzesiak, Director of Container Design and Sales for Steel King, Inc., a leading provider of pallet racking. "They're fully supported by steel corner columns, completely protecting the inventory."

By the nature of their portability, such racks allow the user to maximize storage density (like a drive-in or flow rack), or to maximize selectivity (like traditional selective pallet rack), or anything in between, all with the same rack. Changing rack layouts is simple, with no expensive installation or dismantling costs. They protect product during handling, stacking and shipping and act as their own pallet, many times eliminating the need for wooden pallets, and offer complete product visibility and ventilation.

Many different industries have utilized Steel King portable storage racks to solve their storage problems. In multi-step manufacturing or any situation requiring frequent movement of components or products from one location to another, portable racks can be picked up, transported and utilized wholly in the new location, eliminating the need to remove items from the rack. One example in actual practice is tire manufacturing; a portable rack is packed with a certain tire and stored in a distribution center, and the same rack is used to ship a quantity to the dealer. Removal from the rack is never required until the final destination.

Another common use is in frozen foods--a slip sheet or pallet will be loaded with an item, then placed into a portable storage rack and then into a refrigeration unit. This method makes for maximum storage density within a freezer--and with the cost of storage and electricity, every square inch is at a premium. When the items are needed for shipment, the slip sheet or pallet can be removed from the portable rack and shipped. When not in use, the legs (columns) can then be removed from the portable rack, allowing easy storage until again required.

Another unique use has been for book fairs, for which 3 metal book carts can be safely stored in a portable storage rack until needed. When a book fair occurs, the book containers are removed and shipped to the fair location. The portable rack can be taken down or moved about as needed, so that the space is constantly utilized.

"Practically every industry or operation has some use somewhere in their facilities for portable storage racks," Grzesiak says. "Steel King has provided portable Stac-King racks for airplane and automotive manufacturing, lawnmower manufacturing, door and window manufacturing, lumber yards, dry storage warehouses, book storage, electronic industry, and manufacturing of heavy machinery and equipment, among many others."

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