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Raymond Battery Module

April 28, 2010
Raymond Corp. announces the addition of the iBattery module to its iWarehouse fleet optimization system.

The new module automatically reports critical battery data, such as charge/discharge cycles, high and low temperatures and low battery water levels. Battery management through data collection and reporting prolongs the life of the battery, resulting in increased uptime and reduced cost, Raymond says.

The iWarehouse system draws real-time information from the on-board computers of Raymond lift trucks. According to the company, the system’s reporting modules enable warehouse managers to benchmark lift truck and operator productivity; diagnose potential lift truck issues remotely; reduce the risk of impacts; and optimize lift truck capital and maintenance costs. When combined with the iWarehouse Gateway, information gathered by the iWarehouse modules, including iBattery, is accessible through an online portal.

iBattery can detect battery weight to meet lift truck specifications, and state of charge and voltage to prevent over-discharging of the battery. The new module also provides reports on charging intervals, temperature, watering and equalization.

Raymond Corp.