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RFID Product Solution Testing

April 18, 2005
International Papers Smart Packaging business designs and delivers customized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions and products that help customers

International Paper’s Smart Packaging business designs and delivers customized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions and products that help customers better manage their supply chain and meet mandates; and it all starts with testing. International Paper conducts RFID product solution testing at its Customer Solution Center (CSC), which is a real-world warehouse testing facility, located in Memphis, Tenn.

“We conduct testing for our customers to ensure they purchase the RFID solution that works best with their product’s packaging and meets their business needs,” said Gary Lofrese, manager of International Paper’s Customer Solution Center. “With rapid adoption of the technology and standards within the industry, it is exciting to participate in this developing field as we witness improvements in tag design and reader performance on a regular basis.”

International Paper’s team of experienced engineers and technicians know the best RFID applications, because they work with the latest technology in the industry. They perform the following RFID tests to help customers select the right solutions:

· Tag Evaluation – Identify performance and readability of tagged cases to qualify tag selection, positioning and orientation. Perform static tests against a variety of stationary readers to measure tag distance, determine tag sensitivity and optimize tag location on a case.

· Conveyor Evaluation – Confirm performance of tagged cases on a 600 fpm conveyor to meet mandates from major retailers. Perform dynamic tests on a high speed conveyor against a variety of stationary readers to determine readability of the applied tag in motion.

· Portal Evaluation – Determine performance of palletized items in a distribution dock-door application. Perform dynamic tests using portals with a variety of stationary readers to determine readability of tags at the case and pallet level.

· Distribution Testing – Confirm product and tag ability to survive the warehouse and distribution handling environment. Testing adheres to International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) procedures to ensure reliability through a transportation simulation.

International Paper also provides complete handling, distribution and environmental condition testing – including impact, vibration, compression, temperature and humidity – because ensuring tag readability at customers’ dock doors is not enough. The company has partnered with a variety of RFID hardware and software providers in the industry to understand the best of the application of the technology in their client’s operations. “We test the technology, so you don’t have to,” said Lofrese. “We can even develop customized testing for clients. Tell us your business problem and we’ll work with you to test, design and deliver the best solution for you”.

Contact us today to schedule a visit to the CSC and find out how RFID can deliver for you! We can be reached via email at [email protected] or by calling 1-877-855-3058.

International Paper Smart Packaging - - In continuing International Paper’s tradition of being the premier packaging solutions provider, IP established the Smart Packaging business in 1999. Smart Packaging is a consulting and integration services business offering customers a full suite of RFID/EPC-enabled products and services ranging from compliance solutions to warehousing and transportation tracking systems to the retail shelf. Smart Packaging designs, develops and delivers innovative supply chain solutions to improve business processes and supply chain performance.

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