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Herkules Cart Positioner

July 15, 2009
Herkules Equipment Corp.’s latest cart positioner enhances ergonomics in assembly applications by allowing operators to raise and lower material to the desired height, reducing back strain and other potential injuries.

A whisker-style cart present switch allows the lift to operate only when a cart is loaded correctly, while a green “wink eye” on the control pedestal visually informs the operator that the cart is properly loaded. Steel skirting is attached to prevent operators from pinch points, and lead-in angles assist in guiding the cart onto the lift. A removable safety bar secures the cart in place.

Herkules’ pneumatic lift systems use the company’s Air Bag technology, which provides a direct one-to-one lift ratio, eliminating stress on the scissors and minimizing wear and maintenance.

Herkules Equipment Corp.