Mhlnews 1942 Pregis Smartshot Hybrid 200

Pregis FIP Packaging System

May 27, 2010
Pregis Corp. says its IntelliPack SmartShot Hybrid foam-in-place (FIP) system is a single machine that offers both hand-held and bag transport packaging.

For large, heavy, low-volume applications, the hand-held option allows the operator to remove the dispenser nozzle from a housing unit and pull the attached hose over to the shipping case. A piece of film is placed over the product, and a channel is created between the item and the internal corrugated wall. Liquid foam is injected into the channel, the outer part of the film is folded over the foam, and the case is sealed. As the foam expands to fill the void, it envelops the product, protecting it in transit.

For small, high-volume, production-line parts, the machine converts to bagging mode. A conveyor transports the filled box to the FIP station. A bag of predetermined size (sealed on three sides) is dispensed, and liquid foam is injected into it. The fourth side is folded, closed over the product, and the case is sealed.

The wall-mounted SmartShot Hybrid uses a strong magnet to keep the dispensing nozzle in proper orientation on the housing support. An operator frees the dispenser/hose for hand-held use. The system also features IntelliPack’s telemetry and barcoding features. Telemetry triggers diagnostic testing, and barcode data is programmed into the system.

Pregis Corp.