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Schneider Electric Occupancy Sensors

June 24, 2009
New Square D high-bay HID occupancy sensors from Schneider Electric help control energy use in facilities with high ceilings and high-intensity discharge (HID) luminaires.

Using passive infrared (PIR) technology, the occupancy sensors reduce lamp wattage by approximately 50% when an area is vacant. When occupancy is detected in an aisle or room, wattage is increased to 100%.

The sensors are available in basic, single- and dual-output formats and compatible with single magnetic HID luminaires rated between 208VAC and 480VAC. The three formats allow the sensors to control single fixtures separately or several fixtures as a group.

Square D high-bay HID occupancy sensors have user-adjustable timers that allow lights to return to 50% illumination between one and 15 minutes after activity has been detected. A user-adjustable range dial adjusts PIR sensitivity. The sensors also are available with interchangeable aisle and area lenses.

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