Mhlnews 1948 Wexxar 200

Wexxar Packaging Case Sealer

Jan. 7, 2010
Wexxar Packaging, a division of Pro Mach Inc., introduces the BEL 290 automatic case sealer.

The BEL 290, suitable for heavy-duty applications, is said to minimize energy waste during slow or paused case production upstream. The case sealer features Case Flow Logic, which monitors case-flow rate and directs the machine to hibernate when not in use. When case flow resumes, the machine automatically restarts.

The case sealer has touch-screen controls; tape and operational speed management; a side belt drive system for precise flap folding; interlocking Safe Logic safety guarding, which protects operators while accessing the machine; tool-less, color-coded case size changeover; and extruded aluminum frame construction. The BEL 290’s 75 x 35-inch footprint allows it to fit into most packaging lines. It tape-seals at 45 cases per minute and is available in top-only sealing or top-and-bottom sealing with tape or glue.

Wexxar Packaging

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