Mhlnews 1954 Sl Butcher Pr Lo200

Butcher-Block-Top Lift Tables

Dec. 16, 2010
Air Technical Industries’ new series of mechanical scissor lift tables feature a wooden butcher block top fastened to a metal frame. This design prevents warping, provides ample load support, and is lightweight for mobility.

Lifting is done via a choice of two mechanical systems: an acme screw-type lift or a cable winch-type lift with a worm gear drive that keeps the load at any position desired without drifting. The manual crank handle is located at working height and has a molded plastic grip for comfort and safety.

Models are available with capacities from 250 to 1,000 pounds, deck sizes from 24” x 36” up to 36” x 96” and raised heights up to 87” when installed on wheels.

The unit can be used stationary or can be installed on non-marking phenolic wheels and casters for mobility. When mobile, a floor lock is provided and it also includes two push/pull handles.

When the load height needs to be adjusted frequently, the lift tables are available electro-mechanically powered by 110 volts AC single-phase power.

A metal deck is available where the wooden butcher block is not appropriate.

Air Technical Industries