Omron Scientific Technologies Debuts Asset Relocation Service

May 14, 2009
FREMONT, Calif.—Omron Scientific Technologies Inc. has introduced new asset relocation services to help companies determine the best way to relocate production equipment during a consolidation or downsizing.

Asset Relocation Services assists companies in determining federal and local compliance levels of machines that qualify for relocation and the cost to bring those machines into compliance. The aim is to help companies make tough decisions about which machines are most valuable and cost effective to them during a plant or facility consolidation.

“Due to economic conditions, many companies are forced to get lean through downsizing and consolidation, which often results in plant or facility consolidation and the relocation of the company’s machine assets,” says John Peabody, vice president of major accounts. “There are a few key questions that need to be asked and answered before relocating production equipment, including how many machines should be relocated and what are the overall decision criteria in selecting one machine over another.”

Following a defined process, an Omron STI machine safety expert provides answers to compliance-related questions by assessing equipment that may qualify for relocation and providing a report to help the company in the decision-making process.

“While all components in the report are important, the corrective action score and corrective action costs are vital for making an informed decision on which machines should stay, and which should go,” says Peabody. “In most cases selecting the machines with the lowest corrective action score will save the company money, and with this information, management can make a well informed decision in minutes instead of weeks or even months.”
Omron STI also offers machine and process safety services that are available in full or a la carte.