FAST Monitor

Nov. 14, 2007
PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - With its launch of FAST Monitor v1.1, Accu-Sort Systems is helping auto ID users sort through the data from their sortation systems

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - With its launch of FAST Monitor™ v1.1, Accu-Sort Systems is helping auto ID users sort through the data from their sortation systems to maximize throughput. FAST Monitor software monitors and diagnoses potential issues that affect bar code scanners in sortation systems, enabling distribution center warehouse maintenance managers to maximize package throughput and minimize downtime.

FAST Monitor software provides real-time performance data for both laser and camera product lines. It gives users the ability to identify and diagnose problems from any location in the world in as few as five seconds.

Part of Accu-Sort's next generation of software, FAST Monitor is based on an SQL database and runs in a Linux® environment. Data is presented in the form of a web page accessible through Microsoft® Internet Explorer® or a Mozilla® browser. Authorized users can access FAST Monitor data anywhere in world.

"It is the only standard product software distributed by a bar code scanner manufacturer that gives customers statistics on the performance of their sortation tunnel, plus diagnostic and maintenance feedback on individual devices connected to the system," said Cynthia Zeiger, product marketing manager with Accu-Sort Systems.

The system not only provides real-time data but also offers scalability. Whether a user has a single read point in a single facility or hundreds of read points around the country, FAST Monitor can provide constant monitoring of all systems connected to the network.

"A key component of making any automation system perform optimally is the ability to monitor and diagnose system component performance and maintain high levels of continuous operation," Zeiger said. "To minimize downtime and lost production, plant maintenance requires a tool that allows real-time monitoring, diagnostics and configuration either locally or from a remote location. FAST Monitor provides that tool."

FAST Monitor allows customers to:
• Monitor all Accu-Sort components locally or globally
• Diagnose system problems within three clicks or in less than five seconds
• Review component status and monitor system performance in real time
• View real-time reports or historical statistics for any Accu-Sort components linked to FAST Monitor

FAST Monitor is part of Accu-Sort's FAST Suite™, a collection of flexible, configurable applications that can be used as stand-alone products or combined to provide systems solutions to satisfy a company's automation needs. Accu-Sort provides complete solutions from concept to integration, including installation, training, and comprehensive service and support.

Providing seamless enterprise integration through a familiar and easy-to-use Windows® interface,FAST Suite is comprised of:
• FAST Tag® for RFID compliance tagging
• FASTLabel® for object labeling and verification
• FASTSort® for sortation, order-fulfillment and returns processing
• FASTCount™ for production counting systems
• FAST Weigh™ for weight capture and control
• FASTComm® for enterprise IT integration
• FAST View® for graphical system monitoring.

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