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Sept. 19, 2007
New Open-Standard Rugged Wearable Voice Computer is Both Versatile and Simple to Operate ATLANTA LXE Inc., a leading global manufacturer of rugged wireless

New Open-Standard Rugged Wearable Voice Computer is Both Versatile and Simple to Operate

ATLANTA – LXE Inc., a leading global manufacturer of rugged wireless computers that improve the performance of supply-chain execution applications, today announced the introduction of the HX3 wireless data collection computer for warehouse applications that use voice recognition as the primary form of data input.

With the HX3 dedicated voice computer, LXE continues to pursue its strategy of growing voice-related hardware sales through relationships with best-of-breed voice software providers. The release of the HX3 is an important event in the Auto-ID industry and puts LXE in a leadership position as the industry’s first provider of a full suite of rugged, voice-enabled mobile computers: truck-mounted, handheld, multi-modal and voice only.

“The market for standards-based voice devices in the warehouse has room for competitive alternatives,” says Jim Childress, president of LXE. “The HX3 computer is the most versatile voice terminal on the market. It can accommodate multiple data input options for the operator, including voice, barcode scanning and keyboard entry. It’s certified to work with a range of voice applications, can be used with industry-standard remote-device management tools and it runs on Windows® CE
5.0 Professional. It is truly an open-system, non-proprietary device.”

The new HX3 terminal utilizes an 802.11b/g WLAN radio for superior speed and security and is protected by a magnesium bezel designed to survive in harsh conditions. That includes cold environments, where it’s tested to cold-start down to -4F and can operate in freezers to -40F. As with all of LXE’s computers, the HX3 hands-free data collection computer is “born rugged, not made ruggedTM.” But as rugged as it is, it’s still light, compact and ergonomic, designed to be ‘forgotten’ by the operator while using it.

It also gives the user a variety of data input options. First and foremost, the HX3 hands-free computer is voice-ready, built with LXE’s ToughTalkTM technology for voice-recognition logistics applications. ToughTalk technology is the specialized combination of LXE’s trademark ruggedized system design, advanced audio circuitry and noise-canceling techniques, which enable the HX3 hands-free voice computer to support today’s industrial-grade voice recognition applications. With the HX3 voice-directed computer, facilities can run voice logistics applications and still have the flexibility to scan barcodes when necessary.

In addition to voice input, the HX3 voice-directed computer has a simple, programmable eyes-free keyboard that makes it faster for operators to accomplish the most common tasks. Barcode-capture options include a laser ring-scanner or 2D imager ring-scanner. The HX3 computer’s standard Bluetooth 2.0+EDR radio enables the use of wireless scanners and “future-proofs” the unit for use with accessories like wireless headsets. Three bright LED’s offer simple at-a-glance status checks.

Voxware president, Scott J. Yetter, states, “LXE’s release of the HX3 voice-directed computer is significant because it introduces a non-proprietary, voice-only device to a market that continues its rapid adoption of voice-based warehousing. The HX3 computer strengthens Voxware’s position as the leader in voice software by validating our standards-based, packaged software approach and further illustrates the industry’s migration to non-proprietary technologies.” Yetter continued, “The HX3 computer is now a critical component of our ability to offer customers the largest and most diverse selection of industrial, voice-enabled mobile computers in the industry. LXE’s full-suite approach to mobile computing affords customers the long-term business value of having companywide and cross-discipline coverage for all their mobile hardware decisions.”

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