Product News

Oct. 1, 2002
SUPER-STRONG STORAGE Polymer dunnage racks are for storage of components and supplies. They are made of an engineered polymer material that wont dent,


Polymer dunnage racks are for storage of components and supplies. They are made of an engineered polymer material that won’t dent, chip, corrode or rust. The seamless double-wall construction handles heavy loads. The 30-in. and 36-in.-long units hold up to 1,500 lb. The 48-in. and 60-in. units hold up to 3,000 lb. Ventilation slots in the racks let air circulate under stored goods. Key connectors join racks in various configurations, including end-to-end, back-to-back, and L or U shape. Eagle MHC,, 800 637-5100


The Gregory Explosion-Proof lift truck comes with a built-in scale for safe and efficient weighing of material in hazardous environments. The electronic digital scale is simple to use with menu-driven operation, selectable units of measure and easy-to-read display. American Specialty Equipment,, 973-882-3190


The ZX smart-laser-measurement sensor interfaces to multiple heads. These heads include three visible-red through-beam and eight visible-red displacement heads. This design lets operators use the same sensor amplifier platform for several measurement sensing applications. The displacement sensing distance is 500 mm and the through-beam sensing distance is 2,000 mm. Additional features include waveform monitoring, data logging and PC control of amplifier operational settings. Omron Electronics LLC,, 800-55-OMRON


The WireWall wire partition system line integrates with manufacturer’s line of structural mezzanines. Standard and custom panel sizes avoid interference with columns and joists. Available WireRail panels replace standard guardrail configurations at deck level. The partitions are easily installed using common hand tools. W.A. Schmidt Inc.;, 800-523-6719.


This modular shipping and receiving area offers a secure, comfortable environment for truck drivers and warehouse personnel during loading and unloading. The construction is easy to adjust and reconstruct. Access to the docks is easily controlled. Porta-King;, 800-284-5346.


The MouseCart is for orderpicking, fulfillment and will-call applications in warehouses and distribution centers. A gliding system provides the propulsion and maneuverability. The carts are made of a non-abrasive polyethylene plastic. Mouse LLC;, 559-291-4001.


The 7200SS Sweeper/Scrubber sweeps and scrubs in one pass. Maneuverable, the unit’s sweeping attachment features a hopper that uses an intermittent water spray to control dust. The unit first sweeps then applies cleaning solution while the scrubber cleans. The sweeper brush follows floor contours. Scrub brush pressure is maintained electronically, up to 200 pounds for disk, 90 pounds for cylindrical scrubhead. Tennant;, 800-553-8033.


The 940 is a member of the 900 Series of high-speed palletizers. It can handle 200 cases per minute. In addition, it offers several configurable options allowing users to custom design an end-solution for specific needs. Options include a bi-parting apron plate or articulating apron for non-push layer advancement; powered roller or modular plastic chain conveying surfaces; and in-line pattern formation for smooth, gentle product handling. Alvey Systems Inc., an FKI Logistex Co.;, 877-935-4564.


Model PC-220 counting scale delivers high accuracy. It uses high-resolution, vibrating-beam technology that provides display resolution of 1:30,000. Its internal resolution is 1:1.5 million parts. It is available in pound and kilogram versions, each in weight capacities of 15 lb, 6 kg; 30 lb, 15 kg; and 60 lb, 30 kg. Other features include reverse sampling, which determines counts without emptying the container. The scale stores piece weights and tare weights for up to 32 parts. Weigh-Tronix Inc.;, 507-238-8253.


The HexaBlok blocks and runners are an alternative packaging idea for one-way shipping. For bins and other large containers, the units are applied to the bottom of the container by either standard PSAs, hot-melt adhesives or glues. They are made from Hexacomb honeycomb structure. Their vertical cell orientation lets them handle heavy loads. Blocks are sold in perforated runners and are available in 6-in. lengths with 60-in. widths and heights of 3 or 4 in. Pactiv Corp.;, 877-692-6163.


The PWB45 is a 4,500-lb electric pallet truck. It uses a vertically mounted SepEx motor that provides maximum torque throughout the entire speed range. There are no contactors, and therefore less maintenance. Forward, reverse, drive and braking functions are variable; there’s an automatic “neutral braking” on throttle release. The turning radius is tight, 60.5 in. with 48-in.-long raised forks. Blue Giant Equipment Corp.;, 905-457-2313.


The heavy-duty switch adds an all-metal housing to a line that was previously available only in plastic housing. The Sipha line consists of a magnetically coded sensor and actuator pair that prevents defeat of the safety system by magnets. Rockwell Automation


The Stationary Bin Tilter lets operators lift and tilt a bin so that gravity feeding of parts is done at the ergonomically correct height for the operators. It’s available in 2,000- and 4,000-lb capacities. The units are powered by a 110 V 1-1/2 horsepower pack. Pentalift Equipment Corp.;, 519-763-3625.


This line of depalletizers features soft motor starting and stopping, which increases container stability and improves line efficiency. The systems handle cans, and plastic and glass containers. Options include automatic top frame and tier sheet removal, side or center container discharge conveyors, remote operator control stations with touch screen self-diagnostics, and palletload-squaring side walls. Automated Production Systems Corp.;, 717-235-5220.


The Mini-Skid helps operators move loads on and off the nose plates of hand trucks. To use, operators place boxes on the skid instead of the floor. The space it makes under the stack lets the hand truck tongue be easily inserted without having to manually tip the stack. PJ Manufacturing;, 925-672-5902.