Newcastle Powered Workstations

Feb. 4, 2010
NB series mobile powered workstations from Newcastle Systems Inc. can carry computers, printers, scales, barcode scanners and other small electronic equipment throughout a facility.

An on-board battery can power up to four devices simultaneously for 8 to 10 hours of normal use, and adjustable shelves can hold up to 75 pounds each. Workers can use the workstations to move all necessary equipment to areas where work is done, thereby improving efficiency for inventory management, process control, on-demand label printing, product testing, order picking, crossdocking, weighing, scanning and other tasks. Operators also have real-time access to WMS, ERP and automated data collection systems.

The NB series mobile powered workstations move on 5-inch casters and are available with a range of rechargeable power packages, from a 40 AH battery, 350-watt inverter and 10-amp charger to a 200 AH battery, 1,250-watt inverter and 30-amp charger.

Newcastle Systems Inc.