RollerDrive and DriveControl HTBL

June 9, 2004
INTERROLL INTRODUCES HIGH TORQUE BRUSHLESS MOTOR CONVEYOR ROLLER WILMINGTON N.C. (March 29, 2004) Providing the material handling industry with an economical


WILMINGTON N.C. (March 29, 2004) — Providing the material handling industry with an economical and safe alternative to chain and belt driven conveyors, Interroll Corp. announced its new high torque brushless roller, designated the RollerDrive and DriveControl HTBL. The 24VDC powered roller was designed to meet the market’s demand for moving heavier loads with improved control capabilities. The new RollerDrive HTBL provides a 70% increase in torque at costs comparable to lower powered rollers.

“Interroll has pioneered RollerDrive technology, enabling a safer and more efficient alternative to standard chain, line-shaft and sprocket conveyor solutions,” said RollerDrive Product Manager, Ken Bobick. “This product upgrade answers the demand for heavier load capability in packaging handling and other materials handling applications.”

The RollerDrive is available in lengths of 10.00" to 45.00". RollerDrive tubes are 1.90" (50 mm) in diameter and constructed of 0.065" (1.7mm) thick galvanized carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum and are available with optional PVC or polyurethane sleeving.

This cost-effective product may be used in any material handling application where accumulation or general transport is required. The RollerDrive is also a safer, quieter replacement to line shaft, chain and sprocket, or belt driven conveyors. Noise emissions have been reduced to 45-50 dBA with the RollerDrive HTBL.
“Our product is most effective with the use of the DriveControl HTBL,” Bobick comments. This user-friendly, intelligent controller enables engineers to control the RollerDrive HTBL specific to the application. Fully programmable, it has soft configurable limits for speed, torque, acceleration, deceleration, and current limiting. The DriveControl HTBL also interfaces with Interroll’s ZPA (Zero Pressure Accumulation) +4 in an NPN logic convention setting. On-board LED indicators help reduce trouble shooting in the field by indicating faults, and power status. It can also provide true four- quadrant control with zero motion hold or active breaking capability. The DriveControl HTBL interfaces to either NPN or PNP photo eyes and can be externally controlled via outboard potentiometers or any external analog signal or PLC.

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