Mhlnews 2009 Columbia Transfer Station 200

Columbia Machine Transfer Station

Aug. 5, 2010
Columbia Machine introduces the Load Transfer Station (LTS) product line, the Fully Automatic LTS system that can transfer up to two full loads per minute.

Using an LTS configuration that combines a pallet stacker, pallet dispenser, input conveyor and an output conveyor, the fully automated LTS unit receives loads from a conveyor, transfers the load from one load base to another, stacks the “Go From” pallet and automatically discharges the transferred load onto a conveyor. Transferred loads can be automatically stored in a high rise ASRS system or picked up downstream by a lift truck or go to another operation.

According to Columbia Machine, Columbia LTS units help to eliminate injuries to warehouse workers and associated insurance claims, streamline plant and warehouse operations, improve plant and process cleanliness (as part of GMP compliance) and reduce costs. Columbia Machine offers stand-alone machines, or fully automatic systems with integrated pallet washing and stretch wrapping.

Columbia Machine