AIM Charters Chapter in India

March 1, 2004
AIM, the Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility, has chartered and licensed AIM India to promote the growth of Automatic Identification

AIM, the Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility, has chartered and licensed AIM India to promote the growth of Automatic Identification and Mobility adoption in one of the fastest growing national markets in the world.

AIM has been working toward the establishment of a chapter organization to serve vendors and solution providers in India. This effort has culminated in a formal launch of the chapter.

"AIM India will play an important role in educating users and service providers about automatic identification and mobility solutions," said Dan Mullen, AIM president. "I am sure India will experience tremendous demand of identification and mobility technologies in coming years."

The chartering of AIM India represents one element of an ongoing effort by AIM to promote the use and growth of automatic identification and mobility solutions and services in Asia Pacific.

"Imports have been liberalized and custom duty on bar code printers/scanners and readers has been lowered by 10% and shall be further reduced to WTO levels by 2005," said PC Jain, president of AIM India. "India government is investing in infrastructure that shall drive broad-based growth of the whole economy. In fact, India’s growth is the highest after China."

According to Wing Ng, director, AIM Asia/Pacific, "The economy of India is booming and one typical example is around 100 shopping malls are under construction in India at the moment. We will work together with AIM India to arrange a conference to tap into this lucrative retail market."

AIM Inc. provides direct support for all activities in India from its Asia/Pacific Regional Support Center, strategically located in Hong Kong. The support center is managed by Mr. Ng who is promoting the industry through similar activities in other parts of the region.

The Asia/Pacific Regional Support Center provides several important services to AIM members in the region, local AIM chapters such as AIM India and end users seeking information on AIM solutions. Some of the more important services are:

• Facilitate and maintain a consistent flow of information and expertise on new identification and mobility solutions and standards;

• Provide speakers for regional events targeted for users of identification and mobility technology;

• Serve as facilitator for international companies exploring the Asia/Pacific markets;

• Develop and implement an active new member recruitment program;

• Host regional networking events;

• Facilitate the translation of AIM literature into local languages.

AIM Inc. is the global trade association and recognized worldwide authority on automatic identification, data collection and networking in a mobile environment. AIM members are providers and users of technologies, systems and services that capture, manage and integrate accurate data into larger information management systems. As a not-for-profit industry organization, AIM’s mission is to stimulate the understanding, adoption and use of technology by providing timely, unbiased and commercial-free news and information.

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