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Extreme Size Carts

Jan. 21, 2010
Creform Corp. has developed a line of Extreme Size Carts to address the need for large parts handling, targeting in particular the aerospace industry. The carts can be manufactured in virtually any size and feature the range of cart possibilities using the Creform System of plastic coated steel pipes, metal joints and accessories.

The carts are designed to accommodate large parts of various shapes, sizes and lengths, and provide a means for moving parts from one manufacturing station to another. They incorporate an elevated load platform with a solid plastic shelf surface to provide for damage-free handling of large, sensitive parts. The cart is designed to be larger than the parts it carries to offer additional part protection.

The cart has a 500 lb load capacity, but its lightweight and ergonomic construction makes it easy to handle. The cart is equipped with eight large diameter swivel casters for easy rolling and all casters feature brakes that can be engaged for secure positioning. Cart handles at both ends are height adjustable without tools and allow the operators to steer and push the cart safely with minimal effort, while the wheel brakes ensure secure positioning during loading/unloading.

Creform Corp.