Smart Container System Alliance: Savi Technology and CIMC

June 1, 2003
SHENZHEN, China and SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC) and Savi Technology (Savi) today announced that they

SHENZHEN, China and SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC) and Savi Technology (Savi) today announced that they will establish a strategic partnership to co-develop a new class of "smart and secure" shipping containers that capture, sense, and wirelessly transmit real-time intelligence on the container's contents, along with its condition, location and security status. The smart containers developed by CIMC and Savi are a key part of a newly emerging class of in-transit visibility systems for logistics - which will vastly improve operational efficiencies and inventory management, while ensuring the security and integrity of the shipment. These solutions range from external electronic bolt seals to factory-installed intrusion detection, sensing, and tracking systems.

"There are many ways of making a container 'smart'," said Gen. (Ret.) John Coburn, chairman of the Strategic Council on Security Technology (SCST). "The right answer is to build a smart container system where many enabling technologies can be modularly integrated as needed. CIMC and Savi are building a system that will encourage innovation and flexibility in addressing both security and operational objectives."

Both companies will draw on their leadership experience and expertise by co-developing the "smart and secure" container of the future to improve end-to-end operational efficiency and shipment security while addressing international ISO standards and U.S. government programs to counter threats of terrorists concealing weapons of mass destruction in cargo containers.

CIMC is the largest manufacturer of freight containers in the world, holding over 40% market share globally, or over 750,000 TEUs (20-foot equivalents). CIMC is also committed to be a major supplier of modern transportation equipment for the global marketplace. In addition to supplying over 100 types of container products, CIMC is actively involved in airport equipment, trailer, chassis manufacturing and professional services.

Savi Technology, a global leader in providing real-time solutions for the security and management of supply chain assets, also is a co-founder of the rapidly expanding Smart and Secure Tradelanes (SST) initiative. Today, SST has more than 65 partners, including 20 Fortune 500 shippers and a dozen world-class solution providers, who together have been involved in transporting about 1,000 containers into the busiest U.S. ports. Partners in SST include PSA Corporation, which is based in Singapore, as well as Hutchison Port Holdings and China Merchants - the two largest terminal operators in China. The consortium also includes the three largest terminal operators in the United States - Stevedoring Services of America (SSA Marine), Marine Terminals Corporation (MTC), and P&O Ports. Savi will help bring together the collective experience of the SST initiative and SST technology partners, such as Qualcomm, Sun Microsystems, Symbol, Manugistics, EXE, RAE Systems, E.J. Brooks, One Seal, SAIC, and Transamerica's GreyBox subsidiary to create the best-available next generation of smart and secure containers.

In addition, Savi has had a decade of experience in helping to build and support the world's largest wireless cargo security and tracking system, called the Total Asset Visibility (TAV) network. TAV includes a software platform linked with automatic identification technology infrastructure at over 750 locations in more than 40 countries and monitors in excess of 300,000 conveyances equipped with smart radio tags.

"CIMC is very happy about this opportunity to work with a world-class company like Savi Technology to improve the global security and efficiency of container shipments to meet our varied requirements from customers in the future," said David Wong, Senior Technical Consultant of CIMC. "More than 90 percent of world trade moves in ocean containers, and as the leading supplier of intermodal containers we have a great responsibility to ensure that we offer our transportation customers the most secure and efficient products available, especially in the post-9/11 era, to further develop CIMC's Smart & Secure Container series.

"We anticipate that our partnership with Savi Technology will help transform containers into packets of information to thwart not only terrorist threats but to deter theft and the transport of smuggled and counterfeit products - without slowing down commerce."

The companies plan to introduce the first version of their product for use in the Smart and Secure Tradelanes (SST) network during the fourth quarter of this year. Savi is primarily responsible for the design and development of the smart seal tag's circuit board using its proprietary EchoPoint technology. CIMC will have primary responsibility for the mechanical design of the Container integrated electronic seal, and both companies will jointly develop how to integrate the electronic tags onto new containers and retrofit them onto existing containers.

"Our partnership with the world's No 1 leader in the design and production of intermodal containers is a huge step forward in the global drive to improve supply chain security and productivity," said Mark Weidick, Savi's Vice President of Alliances. "Improving supply chain security is an enormously far-reaching and complex effort involving multiple governments, international standards bodies, multi-national supply chain partners and best of breed solution providers. The combination of CIMC's leading-edge knowledge of container manufacturing and Savi's deep background in automatic identification technologies and our global network of public and commercial partnerships, will certainly help lead to the next generation of intelligent containers."

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