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June 23, 2005
York, Maine (June 15, 2005) Loftware, Inc. ( announced today the immediate availability of two, new, 'all-in-one' RFID and barcode label

York, Maine (June 15, 2005) – Loftware, Inc. ( announced today the immediate availability of two, new, 'all-in-one' RFID and barcode label printing systems, aimed at meeting the growing market demand worldwide for advanced marking solutions. Loftware has combined its award winning supply chain barcode printing software with its latest RFID technology. This 'all-in-one' package will help companies cope with accelerating RFID compliance mandates and both new systems include features that preserve an organization's current barcode labeling infrastructure.

"Offering an affordable, off-the-shelf, all-in-one barcode and RFID marking system is making a big difference in streamlining and controlling a customer's internal costs as well as maximizing their return on investment for mixed marking environment", commented Loftware's Chief Executive Officer, Eric Anderson.

The new entry-level solution is available immediately and is a perfect compliment for companies whose requirements for barcode printing and marking RFID label tags is limited. The new entry-level solution, called RFID Starter, is a two seat, RFID and/or barcode printing capable software solution that allows Tier-2 and Tier-3 companies facing limited RFID compliance demands meet their current mixed compliance requirements for barcode label and RFID printing software for a base price of $1995.

RFID Premier, is a 10-seat enterprise solution and features a user configurability option which allows up to five printers to be assigned to RFID output. It has a base price of $6995.

"These two extraordinarily high-value solutions from Loftware," said Sales & Marketing Vice President David Martin, "come at the most critical time in the global evolution of marking and identifying products electronically moving through the global supply chain." According to Martin, the intersection of existing barcode labeling requirements and emerging RFID technology mandates call for industry-leading solutions like the RFID Starter and RFID Premier to assist organizations with meeting dual purpose functions and ease users' transition to the next level. "These new solutions again demonstrate Loftware's established reputation for bringing the timeliest products, in the most affordable configurations, to our users and channel partners worldwide."

Separately, and in a further indication of Loftware's growing presence in the ongoing development of market-leading RFID label printing solutions, the Company announced it currently has many ongoing pilot programs with major organizations seeking the best RFID software systems for their own use or as potential OEM components in their own products sold directly to end users or through channels.

Some of the companies named by Loftware as pilot program partners include IBM, Oracle (U.S. and U.K.) Microsoft, Xterprise, International Paper and CapGemini. According to Martin, Loftware anticipates making further announcements about these relationships by year end.

About Loftware, Inc.

Loftware with its headquarters in York, Maine pioneered the very first barcode label design and barcode printing software application for PC's over two decades ago. Since that time the company has led the development efforts to provide best in class enterprise marking and identification software solutions including RFID technology to Fortune 100 and 500 companies supply chain operations across the globe. Loftware's products now extend supply chain efficiencies beyond just bar-coding by supporting and complying with the latest EPC (Electronic Product Code) standards and specifications for programming and managing RFID Smart Labels and Tags. Industries including automotive, aerospace, electronic, medical, transportation are managing their supply chains everyday using Loftware's latest technologies. Loftware and its products are trademarks or registered trademarks. For more information, visit the Loftware website at or Stephanie Youker at [email protected]