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Omron HMI

July 27, 2009
Omron Electronics has extended its NS Series touchscreen HMIs with a 15-inch diagonal display offering brightness and readability indoors and outdoors.

The NS15 has built-in Modbus II and Internet interfaces as well as an option to incorporate live video images and data from inspection systems into the screen design for more informative monitoring. In addition to its high-definition LCD display, the NS15 also has built-in dual serial ports for long-distance, multi-drop data exchange and front panel function keys.

The NS15 can provide remote Web browsing and control without the need to install specialized software on the host PC. The Web interface can run in monitor mode to limit the view of certain screens, or it can run in full operation mode, allowing the HMI terminal to be operated as if the user is standing next to the machine being monitored. The NS Web interface allows displays of alarms and actual values for remote monitoring and operation of the HMI and file transfer of stored data from the memory card.

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