Crate Cart

Nov. 14, 2008
In shipping, receiving, manufacturing and warehousing environments, it seems theres always going to be those odd containers that slow down the operation

In shipping, receiving, manufacturing and warehousing environments, it seems there’s always going to be those odd containers that slow down the operation process. Awkward size, heavy crates often cause problems because they need simple manual transport from one point to another yet need to be on a cart that can withstand the rigors of fork truck loading and unloading. For one such application, Creform® Corporation has designed a unique cart ideal for long, heavy and awkward size container handling to achieve optimum maneuverability for manual transfer through tight aisle ways and limited space storage areas. Specifically designed for large package transfer and support, the Crate Cart from Creform utilizes the adaptability, flexibility and the economics of the Creform system of plastic coated steel pipes & joins system. The flexibility of the design allows carts to be built to accommodate crates with commonality of width but with various lengths, or vice-versa. Simple construction with sufficient cross bracing throughout the length of the cart assures each crate size can be centered on the cart for maximum support.

Crates may be loaded onto the cart with forklift vehicles, moved to process points, then materials unloaded by hand. The cart provides positioning agility and extreme maneuverability in manual operating conditions without the use of power equipment.

To accommodate vehicle handling, the Crate Cart is designed and constructed for the rigors of loading via forklifts. Plus, its modular design concept promotes simple repairs if forklift accidents occur, thus making maintenance procedures economical and quick in order to minimize downtime. It is also easily modified to meet changing process and material requirements or disassembled, using the components for completely different applications.

Though completely customer-specified as to size and capacity, the example Crate Cart (shown) features up to 1500 lb load bearing capacity, and has overall dimensions of 155" L x 31" W x 16" H. It was built incorporating six large diameter swivel casters for easy rolling and maneuverability. Caster wheels are offered in a variety of materials to provide long, durable service over varying floor surfaces, and in diameters to optimized strength and vehicle support.

A wide variety of pipe color options are also available, as are heavy duty 42mm diameter pipe that provides added load capacities while minimizing material needs. Creform engineers can assist in order to calculate loads for the rigors of industrials environments. Other practical construction options for this cart may include push/pull handles or a towing hitch.

The key elements to the adaptability and economics of Creform custom-designed structures are design and construction simplicity. Design parameters are basic while construction consists of cutting pipe sections to required length(s) then assembling components using the fastener-tightened metal joints (adhesive-welded plastic joints are a second assembly option). To complement many application requirements, a host of hardware items such as hinges, hangers, latches, stops, leveling feet, clamps, etc., are available.

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