Nov. 13, 2008
SAN DIEGO - In response to growing environmental concerns over the styrofoam waste that is piling up in landfills across the United States, Coldpack,

SAN DIEGO - In response to growing environmental concerns over the styrofoam waste that is piling up in landfills across the United States, Coldpack™, an innovative insulated packaging solutions leader, has developed and patented a radical new thermal technology with the potential to transform the landscape of the current packaging industry. AirLiner® by Coldpack is an advanced inflatable, insulating liner that easily converts a corrugated box into a cooler. A smarter solution than traditional foam products, AirLiner enables shippers of expedited perishables to maintain a temperature-controlled environment, improving the presentation and extending the quality of their brands – all while reducing supply chain costs and the shippers’ eco-footprint.

Innovative Packing Technology Boasts Potential to Eliminate 19.1 Billion Cubic Feet of Landfill Waste per Year

Each year, 20 billion cubic feet of styrofoam is used globally for the shipment of 250 million perishable packages. With AirLiner, that colossal amount of trash can be eliminated and landfill impact can be reduced by as much as 19.1 billion cubic feet per year. In addition, AirLiner uses only fifty percent of the raw materials, water and energy necessary for production versus that needed for a thermally equivalent foam container. Additionally, unlike bulky foam alternatives which annoy end-users and wreak havoc on the environment, the product disposes compactly after use – minimizing landfill waste.

“Business owners, especially those shipping perishables, do not take for granted the effect of foam packing on their corporate image and their revenue streams – yet, until AirLiner, a cost-effective ‘green’ alternative to foam has been elusive,” explains Coldpack CEO, Etienne P. Snollaerts, a business visionary with more than 25 years in the specialty foods, transportation and supply chain industries. “We believe that our products will make a difference in the world by addressing environmental challenges and reducing the carbon footprint of our customers.”

Advanced Thermal Technology Revolutionizes the Packing and Shipping Industry’s Archaic Status Quo

The key to AirLiner’s ability to cushion, protect and maintain constant temperature is its award-winning, patented internal heat-barrier technology. AirLiner is manufactured using layers of reflective barrier film that are sealed into a proprietary design which blocks heat transfer, keeping products protected longer.

The unique thermal design is perfect for shipping products that can’t get too hot or cold such as pharmaceuticals, biotech products, high-end seafood and meats, gourmet foods, chocolates, fresh cut flowers, live tropical fish and specialty industrial material products which must maintain specific temperature ranges.

AirLiner not only provides superior insulation, but it also protects and cushions 400 percent better than styrofoam. In addition, since it ships and stores flat, the product costs less to use. AirLiner also occupies 96 percent less warehouse space than required by foam boxes; reduces freight charges, as well as shipping and handling costs; and helps lower customer service claims for damaged product, due to its advanced insulating and cushioning properties.

More than five million AirLiners have already shipped around the globe. The product is proven to help ensure valuable goods arrive in the exact condition intended, all while improving the bottom line for companies and helping the environment. For more information, visit