Product News

April 1, 2004
AC-POWERED LIFT TRUCK The ERP-DH electric rider truck provides lower noise levels, less heat, a smaller turning radius and no emissions. The lift truck


The ERP-DH electric rider truck provides lower noise levels, less heat, a smaller turning radius and no emissions. The lift truck is available in 4,000- to 6,000-lb capacities. Features include 80-volt AC power drive control, on-demand power steering with brushless motor, drop battery box design for easy entry and exit, an expanded dash display with status codes and warning lights, adjustable steering column, auto deceleration system and foot directional control pedal. Yale Materials Handling Corp.,, 800-233-9253.

Case Study


A conveyor manufacturer required a low-cost AC drive for its adjustable-speed conveyor belts. The drive needed to overcome low-speed torque and tight speed regulation issues on AC induction motors without the expense of flux vector control.

The OEM’s customers require conveyors that can operate at motor speeds from 45 rpm (for a standard 4-pole motor rated for 60 Hz) to 3,000 rpm.

An AC motor must slip to develop torque, and that slip, which is only three percent at rated speed, can be as high as 100 percent at 45 rpm.

The OEM selected the V7 AC drive. Initial tests, however, exhibited the usual speed regulation issues. The V7 is a sensorless vector drive with an open-loop speed regulation specification of ±0.2 percent. Even with this feature enabled, speed regulation at 45 rpm was unacceptable. At 45 rpm, the motor was still slipping about 7 rpm from no load to full load.

The V7 drive has an internal PID (proportional, integral and derivative) loop used to control external items such as pressure, temperature, liquid level or speed. The PID loop also has the ability to input a pulse train as the feedback.

Because these features were standard, the customer simply had to add an encoder to the conveyor belt and wire it to the drive’s PID feedback input. This customer used three internal preset speeds as its set points.

Utilizing features that are standard to the V7, the customer was able to achieve excellent low-speed torque and tight speed regulation.

Yaskawa Electric America,, 800-927-5292.


RollerRack combines wide-span uprights, hanger beam and Span-Trak carton flow track. RollerRack eliminates the need for shelves and plastic wheels. It can be configured for layback, flush front and pushback applications. Accessories include pick trays, pick conveyor, guard rail, in-feed guides and label holders. Uprights are 8-ft high with slotted keystone design. Standard depths are 18, 36 and 60 in. with maximum load of 10,000 lb per upright. Standard lengths are 5 and 8 ft with 3,000-lb capacity per pair. Unex Mfg. Inc.,, 800-695-7726.


THE J30-40ZT 3-wheel lift truck series is available in 3,000- to 4,000-lb capacities. Brushless AC traction and steer motors eliminate motor brushes, commutators and contactors. On-board diagnostics display helps technicians pinpoint issues quickly. Dual transaxles transfer power to pavement for better traction even in full reverse on tight turns. Vista mast has widely spaced channels for clear vision of fork tips. Grid-style overhead guard increases operator safety. Hyster Co.,, 800-497-8371.


Cross-Stack Akro-Tubs are available in two sizes in heights of 8 in. and 12 in. The heavy-duty tubs have side and bottom stacking grooves that allow 90° stacks of loaded containers for efficient transport on pallets or dollies. The tubs are compatible with standard 36-in. shelving and conveyor systems, with load capacities to 14 gal. Molded-in side handles are deep and reinforced for comfortable lifting. Smooth interior and exterior surfaces are easy to clean with steam and mild detergents. The tubs resist temperature extremes, odors, mold, mildew and corrosive chemicals. Akro-Mils,, 800-253-2467.


SaviTag ST-651 is a high-performance, active RFID tag designed for pallet tagging and other mid-size supply chain assets. Available with 8K or 16K of programmable memory and a temperature sensor, the tag holds critical tracking information and EPC identification codes of all items loaded on a pallet. The tag features long-range communication of 200 ft, works in heavy metal environments, and has omnidirectional range and short-range wakeup capability for slot-level and choke-point tracking. Savi Technology Inc.,, 800-428-0554.


C-Cure Edge open-mesh, stainless steel wire belts run side by side without snagging or catching, and eliminate tangling during shipping, storage, installation and day-to-day operation, reducing damage and downtime. Closed-loop ends eliminate tangling and minimize risk of accidents from sharp ends. The belts will operate safely even if running backward and are practical for food applications. Wire Belt Co. of America,, 800-922-2637.


The Modular End Effector Tooling (MET) system can be configured to meet a variety of applications such as packaging, injection molding and palletizing. Features include 360° positioning, vision camera mount and, base-mount tool changer. Made of lightweight aluminum, it can be mounted to the robot in end-mount cantilever style or a mid-mount configuration. DE-STA-CO Industries,, 800-762-6426.


Double doors on the Visible storage cabinets have Plexiglass inserts, permitting visual access to contents without opening the doors. Other features include three-point locking device for security, quiet-door design for office-friendly operation, 180-lb shelf capacity with reinforcement available to boost capacity to 230 lb. Two stock sizes: 36" W x 18" D x 78" H and 36" W x 24" D x 78" H. Lyon Workspace Products,, 800-323-0096.


MaxSack container with Clean Seal baffles allows product to flow through the baffles and square out the shape of the container for safe stacking and improved stability. All baffle edges are smooth and clean. The MaxSack with Clean Seal baffles is ideal for products with low bulk densities or that require ultraclean containers such as pigments, specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical powders. B.A.G. Corp.,, 800-331-9200.


The Guardian Lift ’n’ Spin low-profile lift table combines a built-in rotating top with an auto-transition plate. When the table is raised ¼", the plate returns to its original position, permitting 360° rotation of the pallet for loading and unloading the table smoothly and easily. With only a 4¼" lowered height, the table allows for pallet rotation and lift with the use of a pallet truck. Models are available in 2,000- and 3,000-lb capacities. Lift products Inc.,, 877-543-8776.


The compact ProxWedge connects to the workstation and the ERP systems. It secures workstations, PCs and applications against unauthorized access while accurately tracking knowledge-worker project time and labor. PC-Client software provides workstations and PCs with direct access to manufacturing information systems and, for a reasonable cost, creates a network of automated identification and data-capture points throughout the enterprise, utilizing existing desktop workstations. Epic Data International Inc.,, 604-273-9146.


This company has incorporated mobility into its line of small-parts organizers and storage equipment. All models measure 32-in. high x 24-in. wide x 34-in. deep with a capacity of 1,000 lb. They differ in types of storage compartments. They have heavy-duty casters - two rigid and two swivel with locking brakes. Units feature a rubber mat tray as a work surface and tubular handle for ease of mobility. Durham Mfg. Co.,, 800-243-3774.


Panels of the MxV dock door are flexible, returning to their original form and function after impact. The panels are guided in PVC track by polypropylene brush. The brush, an integral part of the door, provides 360° perimeter seal, eliminating drafts and infestation concerns. The lightweight door is counterbalanced with steel weights; there are no springs or rollers. The door is easily reset after impact by simply opening, then closing. DL Manufacturing,, 315-463-7348.


The Model 7 bar code scanner is only 1.9 x 1.5 x 0.6 in. It is designed for low-range, tight-space applications such as embedded scanning. It is available with optics for either direct or 90° scan, providing mounting flexibility. A single cable for power, trigger and host interface simplifies installation and interconnection. The unit performs 600 scans per second, auto-discriminating a variety of codes. Its IP 67 protection rating keeps components dry and clean. Accu-Sort Systems Inc.,, 800-227-2633.


This new pallet truck’s compact design makes it efficient in confined spaces. Features include separately excited drive motor and transistor control system, reduced head length, tapered fork tips, multifunction control handle with dual thumb wheels for easy activation with either hand, angled handgrips and one-piece lift-off service access cover. Electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components of the 4,500-lb-capacity truck are logically placed for easy service. Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc.,, 800-226-0009.


The Advanced Clean Energy (ACE) system is a closed-loop battery formation process that uses computer-controlled technology to form lead-acid batteries. It consists of a series of self-contained modules in which batteries are form in configurations up to 320 cells. Electrolyte circulates through each cell to adjust acid and provide cooling. Voltage from cell to cell is uniform and repeatable. The system eliminates the need for tank formation or spray water cooling. EnerSys Inc.,, 800-538-3627.


SK3600 pushback rack stores pallets two to five deep while retaining easy access to a variety of SKUs. Pallets are placed on nested carts riding on inclined rails. Color-coded carts provide visual inventory. Unlike drive-in rack, each level is independently accessible. The pushback wheel is chrome-plated steel to help absorb shock. Pushback rack maximizes space utilization. It provide last-in/first-out inventory. Steel King Industries Inc.,, 800-826-0203.