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Sept. 16, 2008
Fairmont, MN Avery Weigh-Tronix, LLC announces the FLSC and QTLTSC Forklift Scale Systems, rugged new additions to the companys long line of reliable,

Fairmont, MN — Avery Weigh-Tronix, LLC announces the FLSC and QTLTSC Forklift Scale Systems, rugged new additions to the company’s long line of reliable, robust weighing solutions. Each has a patented scale carriage design featuring two metal plates paired with Avery Weigh-Tronix’s Weigh Bar® electronic weight sensors for high accuracy and repeatability. This design has no flexures, hydraulics or springs, ensuring reliable operation even while the forklift mast is tilted. The legal-for-trade certified systems allow operators to capture weight data quickly and easily en route—without extra steps, stops or route changes required.

The FLSC, designed for use with Class II forklifts and certified for weighing loads of up to 5,000 lbs., offers rugged, responsive operation—along with the largest “Clear View” vision window in the industry, allowing scale operators to monitor fork tips at all times. The FLSC also offers a wireless scale carriage option, ideal for triple-mast forklifts and stock pickers or environments where cabling may be easily damaged. The QTLTSC is a robust solution for Class III and Class IV forklifts and features a QuickTach scale carriage that simply attaches to an existing forklift carriage, facilitating efficient weighing in new and retrofit applications. Both systems are specially manufactured to deliver robust performance, withstanding jolts and frequent, heavy loads common in warehouse and plant environments.

The FLSC and QTLTSC electronically measure the load and convey the collected information to an embedded summing box, and the compiled data is then passed along to one of two new in-cab instruments. The FLI 425 features a 7" TFT color LCD touchscreen display and offers extensive data management capabilities, while the FLI 225 is compactly sized and ideal for simpler scale transactions. In addition, both instruments offer optional Wi-Fi capability (802.11g/b) to facilitate real-time communications for improved efficiency.

“In busy distribution centers and manufacturing plants, weighing can be considered too time-consuming to be cost-effective—yet the alternative method of estimating costs can cost businesses millions in revenue each year,” said Don Halbert, Global Product Manager, Forklift Scales at Avery Weigh-Tronix. “The FLSC and QTLTSC Forklift Scale Systems capture weigh data en route—without any extra steps or delays due to waiting for scale access. In addition, the systems incorporate sophisticated design features to weigh accurately under virtually any condition.”

Applications. Avery Weigh-Tronix FLSC and QTLTSC Forklift Scale Systems were specifically developed to deliver reliable, repeatable weighing in industrial and commercial applications, including fast-paced warehouse, freight terminal and recycling center environments.

In addition, several features of the FLSC and QTLTSC Forklift Scale Systems make them exceptionally accurate and easy to use: • Incorporates application-designed Avery Weigh-Tronix Weigh Bars for robust operation, high
accuracy and repeatability • Features largest “Clear View” vision window in the industry (FLSC), allowing drivers to clearing see forklift tips while approaching a pallet or rack • Performs legal-for-trade weighing en route—even when tilted—for Class II (FLSC), Class III and Class IV (QTLTSC) forklifts • Delivers continuously accurate weighing by monitoring stress while the forklift mast is tilted • Offers wireless scale carriage option (FLSC) that places a battery and radio within the carriage, eliminating the scale-to-instrument interface cable • Weighs loads electronically—without flexures, hydraulics or springs that can affect weighing while the forklift mast is tilted • Withstands environmental and warehouse jolts common in forklift applications with rugged design • Uses FLI 425 or FLI 225 instruments for quick, convenient weight data management

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